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  1. Telasera

    WHMCS Increases Prices Again

    It seems the "cPanel" model is now being applied to the WHMCS from July. Even the owners of lifetime licence are not being spared.. I guess everyone should have seen seen this coming. On the bright side the smaller hosts with <500 clients are not being squeezed yet...
  2. Telasera

    Hosting a adult website like OnlyFans for South Africa?

    Hosting adult content also attracts a larger than normal volume of DDOS traffic so some "protection" would be recommend. :)
  3. Telasera

    Best provider for Hosted Windows Server in the Cloud

    Hi Op, I'm sure we can assist you with a VPS + VPN to protect your RDP, please drop us a PM if you would like to discuss further.
  4. Telasera

    Windows servers

    Hi Op, Do you have a budget for this deployment, I'm sure we can assist you with some fast storage options on Dedicated Servers... NVMe perhaps? Feel free to PM us if you wish to discuss.
  5. Telasera Outage

    well their nameservers would have switched back to parking on expiry causing all lookups for to fail.
  6. Telasera Outage

    Hi All, If anyone is experiencing random false positives with their emails being blocked it appears that someone at Cisco forgot to renew their domain and for some time earlier today it was resolving to a domain parking page. :confused: If your encountering email problems its best...
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    Which Service Provider is best in SA?

    The term "cloud" gets often misused IMOO especially by providers misrepresenting their services to sell VPS that can “scale” as cloud servers. This may fool the uninitiated, but this is no true cloud hosting. Without considering the Hyperscalers like AWS and Azure there are very few local...
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    What are the best Cloud Servers?

    Do you require a Microsoft RDP solution to host a Sage product?
  9. Telasera

    VPS Server

    Hi Op, We would be more than happy to help you. Please PM us your requirements.
  10. Telasera

    What happened to GOOD wired earphones?

    I've heard good things about the Tin Hifi Buds, The T2's are selling for $39 atm. You can also get them on Aliexpress
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    HP Gen8 microserver: Newish graphics card that is supported?

    Yes very odd, what would it really cost them to include it like $0.50.
  12. Telasera

    HP Gen8 microserver: Newish graphics card that is supported?

    Hi Op, Any Nvidia card in 10xx or higher will support 4k native as it will come with a HDMI 2.x port. You may need to check that your HDMI cable is also 2.x as the older ones are not certified to do 4k. The 1030 will work however I would recommend a passive cooler if you can find one as you...
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    best local VPS solution

    Our bandwidth overage cost is currently R500.00 per TB however we are reviewing these to remain competitive. All VPS's are are connected at 100mbps.
  14. Telasera

    best local VPS solution

    Thanks for the mention.
  15. Telasera

    Hosting with GPU's

    Hi Op, Please PM us as we could maybe assist you. Do you have dedicated server spec GPU's with blower coolers or consumer GPUs?
  16. Telasera

    Basic setup for a office on a shoestring

    Hi Op, What is the end goal you are trying to achieve? Are your desktops running Windows? .. what version as only pro can be used on AD? Most AV providers allow some soft of centralised management interface however this is often limited to their business packages and can be cloud based on on...
  17. Telasera

    Video Hosting providers in South Africa

    Do you have a framework developed that you just require to be hosted? You could leverage some CDN providers to help you deliver the content.
  18. Telasera

    Is it okay to use Wordpress?

    Wordpress is very popular and with that there is a large amount of plugins and and themes that can be used. If you are diligent and plan to keep WP and its Plugins up-to date you should be okay. Most of the hacks you hear about are from un-patched versions.
  19. Telasera

    Strange performance issues on Pastel Evolution (Hosted in Cloud)

    Hi Op, What you can do is check the SQL performance using management studio to ascertain if the bottleneck is being caused by the Disk IO when the transactions are taking place. You may want to request another virtual disk be created and move the SQL Db onto that disk so the log files are...
  20. Telasera

    Dedicated Server Hosting in SA

    Hi Op, Please PM us, I'm sure we can work out a good deal for you. We can host you in JHB or CPT.