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    Where to find a suitable developer for a specific online query system

    I am looking for referrals/options to Cape Town (and surrounds) based service providers that would be able do develop (and maintain) an online query system. The system will be based on existing (3rd party) geo-coding API. After every successful geo-code result, the system needs to request query...
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    Cell C fixed-LTE data rollover policy?

    (if this has already been discussed, may I please be pointed to the relevant posts, since I can not find any, or don't know how to find it) I would like to know what the Cell-C fixed-LTE data roll-over policy is please. I have a 100Gb/month fixed-LTE monthly prepaid contract with Axxess, but...
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    Best "modern" Android-phone replacement for Samsung S4 Mini

    What would be a recommendable new (modern, 2017 or newer release) replacement smartphone (running on Android) for a Samsung S4 Mini, specifically with regards to similar physical size, being in the vicinity of 124.6 x 61.3 x 8.9 mm ? Preferably Samsung, but also with reference to any other make...
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    Unable to send and receive email messages from associated Axxess email account on BB

    I have Blackberry 9700 Bold. For more than 6 months I had an Axxess hosted e-mail account associated and send and receive e-mails without problems. Since yesterday none of these emails are arriving on my BB and I can not send any from the specific e-mail address. I got this e-mail from...