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    Amazon Shipping to South Africa

    Does anyone here have experience with ordering from Amazon and shipping to South Africa? I noticed that they have a way greater selection and cheaper prices than SA store like Takelot, Loot, Makro, etc (even when shipping and import taxes are added). I'm not buying from any small seller on...
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    Crypto Tax Adviser

    I'm currently earning my "salary" almost complete in crypto: 1. Mining (what tax is applicable here?) 2. Donations for open-source projects (probably non-taxable) 3. Small contract dev work and getting paid in crypto (probably income tax) 4. Crypto investment portfolio (probably capital gains...
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    Importing RX GPUs

    Has anyone imported Radeon RX graphic cards (for mining)? If so, where did you buy and did you pay import tax? From importing other electronics (laptop, phone, etc), I noticed that the post office often charges between 20 - 30% of the imported goods (instead of the standard 14% VAT). I asked...
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    Biometric Passport Photos - Pretoria

    Does anyone know where to get biometric (specifically German) passport photos in Pretoria. Q-Photo in Hatfield was always a good place to go to, but they are now gone. Any other suggestions?
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    Automatic deduction on the N1

    If I get an etag registered to the license plate of my car and I drive on the N1 between PTA and JHB, will the toll fee be automatically deducted from my credit card if my etag is not physically in the car? I'm not talking about the manual toll gates you find on the N4, but the automatic ones...
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    Telkom LTE port forwarding

    I have a Huawei B315s and Telkoms fixed uncapped LTE. I've set up port forwarding on the router (also tried the DMZ). When I check my ports (, they are open. However when I try to http connect to my IP or ping it, my host can't be found. I need...
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    Account Name in EFT

    If you do an EFT with SA banks, does the account name matter, or is this simply used as reference? Hence, if the account is in the name "Peter Smith" and it is entered as "PETER SMITH" or "P. Smith" or "Mr Peter Smith", does that make any difference? Standard Bank switched my first and middle...
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    Cell C - R50 contract

    A few years back (I think in 2012) I got a R50 contract from Cell C (50min + 50 SMSs + 50mb data). I took the contract due to my limited funds. I specifically ask the Cell C guy at the shop if there are no hidden costs and that I would ONLY pay R50 a month. He replied that I would never pay more...
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    Android phone corrupted - Needs repair

    I have a Sony Xperia M on which I installed CyanogenMod. The phone worked perfectly for 2 months and then suddenly switched off and now it doesn't want to boot anymore. The phone is still able to boot into CWM, flashmode and fastboot mode, so the phone's hardware is not physically damaged. At...
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    WANTED Logitech Unifying Receiver

    Hi, My PC with a Logitech Unifying Receiver was stolen. I still have the keyboard and mouse, but they are useless without the receiver. If someone has an extra or old receiver lying around, I'm willing to pay R100 (including shipping).
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    Weird Line Speed Changes

    I have an uncapped 4meg ADSL line with Afrihost. My router always indicated that my current line speed was at 4096 with the maximum speed at 13312. Since about a week ago I noticed very slow downloads on my line, not hitting a rate higher than 200kb/s. When I logged into my router again, I...
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    Female to 2 male USB switch

    I've been looking for something like this for a while, but can't find anything. I want a USB Type A (2.0 or 3.0) switch that has a female input and splits into 2 male outputs. The device should have a switch, changing the current output. I want to use this for a device that I want to connect...
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    USB shocking

    I've bought a Kingwin USB 3.0 hard drive docking station from the US. Whenever I touch the USB port, it shocks. From the feeling, I guess it's between 9V-12V. Since it's a US model, the power plug doesn't have an earth leakage, and I therefore suspect it might have something to do with that...
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    Nokia Network Name

    I'm using my Nokia 6710 to connect to my local LAN via WiFi. On my router's DCHP list every device name is listed correctly, except my phone which has a name "Unknown". Does anyone know how to set your network name on a Nokia. I've look through all settings and can't find anything, is this even...
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    SARS late income tax return

    I've received my tax return form on the 19th of November (via SARS eFiling). It indicates that the due date is 23 November 2012. My previous employer is still busy filing all necessary data and will probably not finish before the 23rd. If I file my tax return form late, what will happen? Will...
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    Router that limits speed

    My scenario: Me and a couple of roommates share an ADSL connection. Half of my roommates are too cheap and only want a 1Meg line, the other group wants a 4-10Meg line. I’m looking for a router that can limit the connection speed based on the IP. Ultimately the router should be able to divide the...
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    512GB Solid State Drives

    I'm looking for a 512GB SSD (I know it's expensive). I've narrowed it down to the Crucial M4 512GB and the Kingston V+100 512GB. The Crucial goes for about $850-$950 whereas the Kingston can easily be $1300-$1400 (I know there are cheaper places, but this is the average). When looking at the...
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    Windows 7 Recovery Disk

    I just bought a new laptop, and it has a separate partition with the Windows 7 installation disk (like most laptops these days). I want to format the entire HDD. Is there a way to backup the installation disk on a DVD, so that when I install it again, it isn't seen as a pirated version by Microsoft?
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    Network tutorial for dummies

    Hi I have give a lesson in basic networking (lLAN) for a guy who barely knows computers (not even talking about networking). I'm looking for a tutorial (presentation, pdf, etc) that explains the basic network stuff in XP (or Win 7 if XP is not available). This should include basic stuff...
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    Shaping: Port vs Protocol

    I was wondering if in general (in SA) shaping is done on ports or on protocols. Anyone any idea??