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    Vodacom Monthly deals (ITS BACK)

    Hey there Ockie, firstly thanks for doing the monthly deal sheets again it is much appreciated!! Do you perhaps know when Vodacom will be getting stock in of the new apple watch 6 and SE??
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    2012 Audi A4 1.8T, 115000km, too good to be true?

    Issue mostly sorted from 2012 models, depending on the engine number, if I remember correctly.
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    2012 Audi A4 1.8T, 115000km, too good to be true?

    Price seems a bit low..... just check on gumtree and autotrader or even for comparison
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    Motor Ombudsman (MIOSA) experiences

    I just had a look at some of the emails and they confirmed receipt of my claim within 5 working days and gave me a case number. In that email they explain how they need to give all parties sufficient time to respond etc and that it may take a while and to please be patient. They further mention...
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    Motor Ombudsman (MIOSA) experiences

    I have had an experience with this in the past. There is a stipulated timeframe in which they need to respond to your complaint, granted that you followed the correct procedures and submission guidelines. If memory serves, there is a specific time in which they confirm receipt of the claim...
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    ECU damage, what can cause it?

    I had a damaged ECU on my car and it was as a result of a coolant leak
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    Audi A1 (Gen 2)

    I quite like the gen2 A1 - if I absolutely had to choose between the new polo and the A1, I would definitely go with the A1. I do think it will be even more overpriced than the polo.... Even the previous generation A1 was enjoyable for me. Wife has one and I occasionally had to take the...
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    Should I extend my motorplan for my Audi A5.

    I have a 2012 Audi A4 that went out of plan end of Feb this year. I opted not to extend as I figured the cost of services and general maintenance will be slightly less than that to extend the plan - I would just keep some money separate for this. Two months after my plan expired, my EPC...