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    Auxo Shows Off a Redesigned iOS App Switcher

    Apple really need to move IOS forward. It's been stuck at essentially the same place for two major releases now.
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    Iphone 5 drop and durability tests

    Well it's not fragile anymore. Seems to be built like a tank, atleast compared to the last iphone. :)
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    The iPhone 5's A6 SoC: Not A15 or A9, a Custom Apple Core Instead
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    Redesigned Itunes 11?

    This, i think we could all agree, is probably bigger news in many ways than the iphone 5. :p The day they redesign/fix itunes will be right up there with the invention of the wheel or the tearing down of the Berlin wall. Let's hope it happens. :)...
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    New purported next-generation iPhone parts photos show fully assembled device

    This looks pretty close to the final phone to me. In some ways i'm more impressed by the long iphone 4 design than i thought i would be.
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    [Random thought] iPad 3 retina display a big deal

    I don't really see anyone talking about this, so i thought i'd bring it up. Clearly the retina displays in the iPad 3 are going to push screen tech forward in a way we haven't really seen for quite some time. The rumours at this point are consistently saying apple is having yield issues(50%...
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    Infinity Blade 2 is out
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    The Dolby Ipad Thread

    I think we would all like to know how you are finding it. :p
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    Apple's holding an iPad 2 event on March 2nd
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    Welcome Neo1mediarep (neotel rep)

    I thought a thread would be in order to welcome the neotel rep. Without further adu .... Welcome!! Oh and take the anger u will face as mearly pent up frustration suffered under the beast which is telkom. Eventually people will calm down as they get access to more bandwidth. ;)
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    Neotel, we want cheap local bandwidth, plus newsserver

    I think this thread title says it all. Your packages are simply no good without the ability to download large files cheaply. Your 10 gig package may be good value for money when it comes to international, but telkom users have come to expect cheap local bandwidth for their large file needs...