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    Porting my Telkom contract to existing Vodacom number

    I recently got a new phone through Telkom mobile. It came with a sim card that I haven't activated. I want to use my existing Vodacom 079 number with the FreeMe contract. Can I port the FreeMe contract to my existing 079 number. On Telkom mobiles portal they list a my FreeMe contract number as...
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    Huawei P20 Lite on Telkom Mobile FreeMe 1GB Promo

    Can anyone confirm if the Huawei P20 Lite on Telkom Mobile's FreeMe 1GB Promo plan is dual sim. Are all their phones dual sim? Has anyone applied for this and can confirm that the dual sim functionality is not disabled as it is with Vodacom and MTN. Here's the deal, R299 pm...
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    So I applied for Afrihost fibre the other day through TT Connect, and an email said I will be contacted by TT Connect for installation. That hasn't happened. My house is still on the Afrihost map for fibre, but it has been removed from the updated TT Connect map. So, can I get fibre at my...
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    Can my line support 10mb/s

    With these stats is my line stable enough to get 10mb/s ADSL, and if so how do I go about getting Telkom to activate this. Thanks i advance for any help Up Down Current Rate (Kbps) 640 6144 Max Rate (Kbps) 992 8128 SNR Margin (dB) 12 23.1...
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    Axxess suspending account for downloading torrents

    My brother downloaded the movie Salt, from a torrent service, the other day and we got an email from IS saying bla bla delete it or we will suspend your account. I ignored it like many people on MyBroadband, and then today i couldn't connect to the internet. I first thought it was a problem with...
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    StarCraft II CE Available at the shops

    Does anyone know if the StarCraft II Collectors Edition will be available in the shops tomorrow, if so, where?
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    Anyone shopped at shop 63

    I'm looking at buying something at Shop 63 and I would like to know if anyone has dealt with them, and how reliable they are? Your comments will be appreciated
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    Best place to buy Samsung T240 inJHB

    Where's the best place to buy a Samsung T240 in Johannesburg for about R2500?
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    Buying paypal money

    I need $30.00 in my PayPal account to make a purchase on steam. I only have a Maestro debit card which is not accepted by paypal and click to buy. I need to know if there is a service in South Africa where I can buy PayPal credit via EFT or something. I also have a moneybookers account but...
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    Selling PC - Advice

    So I'm selling an old PC on Bid or Buy: Can any one give me advice on my ad. Any recommendations on format, price and spec descriptions are welcome. Thanks
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    Freeware alternative to Norton Ghost

    I'm looking for a freeware alternative to Norton Ghost. I'll be using it to copy the content of my current 320GB system drive to a new 1TB drive. Thanks
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    Alternative to Samsung T240

    I'm looking for a new monitor and I'm considering the Samsung T240. I'm just wondering if anybody knows if it will be replaced by a new model any time soon. Samsung's LED monitors look very nice but unfortunately they run at 1900x1080. I want a 1900x1200 monitor. I want the extra vertical space...
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    Best PC TV tuner for watching DStv

    I want to be able to watch DStv on my pc. I'm just wondering what is the best TV card for doing so, for the best price possible. Thanks
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    Are Afrihost's accounts semi-shaped

    Are Afrihost's accounts semi-shaped (shaped during the day and un-shaped after hours) like Nexus' semi-shaped accounts?
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    Post Office still striking?

    Does anyone know if the post office is still striking?
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    Cannot log into Games for Windows LIVE

    Hi When trying to log into Games for Windows LIVE I get this message: There is a problem with your account that you need to resolve before singing in [80154017 error] There is a link that says "click here to resolve" which takes you to the Xbox live log in page. I log in and it takes me...
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    Vodacom pay-in list

    I am up for an upgrade soon, but I want that spreadsheet from Vodacom that lists all the handsets you can get from all the different contracts, and what you would have to pay-in for the various phones. I can't find the list anywhere. Can any one send me a link to the list? Your help would...
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    470W PSU ok to run Ati HD4870?

    Would a GIGABYTE ODIN 470W 24-Pin Power Supply be ok running a XFX NVIDIA 4870 512MB DDR5 graphics card? On this system: Intel Core2 Duo E7400 - dual core 2.8ghz, 4GB RAM 2 SATA 320GB HDD 1 DVD RW Drive Or should I rather go for the less power hungry XFX GTS 250 512MB DDR3 Standard...
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    New gaming Rig from NIVO specs, comments, suggestions please

    Please have a look at the specs of the rig I am intending on building. Any suggestions , and advice on a better deal are welcome. The rig is from NIVO. I have no experience with them so if anyone can comment on the store I would appreciate it. Thanks CPU - R 2,247.01 Q8400 Intel Core 2...
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    New rig suggestions, comment

    Please have a look at the specs of the rig I am intending on building. Any suggestions , and advice on a better deal are welcome. The rig is from NIVO. I have no experience with them so if anyone can comment on the store I would appreciate it. Thanks CPU - R 2,059.87 Intel E8400 Boxed...