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    Installed it yesterday and had a ball. Who else likes it? I like fairly rhythmic music without weird erratic movements (nice flow). Would be awesome to get my handson some trance , any suggestions where songs packs can be had that is not too expensive?
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    Battery vacuum for home

    Hey peeps, thinking of getting a battery vacuum cleaner for home use, not too phased if it is heavy as long as it is well balanced. Who of you have something like this and how are you finding it. Had a look at those Dyson jobbie by Hirsch but goeie fok those stuff are expensive. Now I don't want...
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    Noob question about MTN shareprice

    Why does it seems as if MTN's share price is on a steady decline from the beginning of 2015. Is it just our economy in general or is there something else at play
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    Blackview - your thoughts

    So I'm looking into purchasing a Blackview bv5500pro. Seems to be available locally at a decent price. Got everything I possible need, drop and spill resistant, 3 gig ram and 16 gim rom and gorilla glass. Any one has an experience with the brand. From what I could find, the devices seem to be...
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    Home kegator and flash chiller setup

    I'm contemplating buying a draught solution for home use The 2 tap chiller unit looks like it will be right at home on my soon to be built coffee station. Now I'm contemplating accommodating the keg and gas in a cupboard below the unit and planning to run mainly Guiness or some dark...
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    Broker able to set buy and sell orders

    Does any one know of an online share platform allowing one to set buy and sell orders for certain shares, say for instance buy x amount at y when it reaches y, sell when z price is reached
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    Toyota Tazz fuel gauge

    Good day Was wondering if anyone could help My fuel gauge packed up some time ago and upon investigation, it seems like the coil inside the dash burned up (can clearly see the damage. I phoned around but no one has an Oem gauge that can just bolt in place. So with the dash open, I figured I...
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    Bank payment break

    Good day peeps I've got an sms this afternoon inviting me to a payment break on my homeloan. Now I am not a top performing investment banker, but I'm savvy enough to know there is no such thing as free money. But I may actually be able to come out on top due to this and that is why I am asking...
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    [wanted] Logitech G940 joystick or set

    Looking for a Logitech G940 joystick or set Any one has one they are willing to part with
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    What budgeting app work and can be trusted

    Looking to really crack down on our miscellaneous spending and want an easy way to have it visually broken up into sectors. Now a quick search reveals that "there's an app for that" But which one. I'm leaning to twenty to seven or something
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    What was your last 4 increases

    Hi there For interest sake it would be nice to compare yearly increases if you are comfortable doing so. If you would so please also state if it the year included a promotion. Although cost of living adjustments is not really an increase per say, please include said adjustment My last four...
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    Asus AC1900 with added medium distance solution

    Hey guys and girls So with all the digging Fibre is finally coming and with it a properly set up network will be in the order of the day. So after going around the block I decided on an Asus AC 1900 but am a bit lost on the long distance link. Basically what I want to do is hook up my other...
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    Insulation under new tiles

    Planning on tiling out my house ( currently have carpets throughout and I'm hating it) Now what I don't hate about the carpets is it does give some form of thermal insulation from the concrete below. Any recommendations for insulation below tiles?