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  1. AndresmitZA10

    Mimecast Promotion - R2,000 up for grabs - Enter here

    Email security for Microsoft 365. 95% of attacks leverage email. Protect against phishing attacks, ransomware, malware and more!
  2. AndresmitZA10

    Big Black Friday Giveaway - Find the best deal and win cash

    Microsoft - Xbox Series S 500GB SSD Console - White R6899 take a lot
  3. AndresmitZA10

    Vodacom Business Giveaway - Enter now

    Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G 256GB Mystic Black 1GB Anytime data & 600 Minutes
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    ONE DAY Giveaway - R1,000 cash up for grabs for ONE lucky winner

    ZTE MF286R MTN Business Broadband LTE 30GB R199 Why: A cost effective option for the smaller business to stay connected
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    Vodacom Promotion - Win your share of R2,000 cash

    VUMA: 20Mbps Download speed|&|20Mbps Upload speed Uncapped R 899.00 PM
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    Vodacom Fibre Promotion - Win your share of R2,000 cash

    Super-fast and uninterrupted internet connectivity
  7. AndresmitZA10

    Booze Levels/Current Stockpile

    8 x whiskey 5 x Red wine bottles 3 x 5l Red wine boxes
  8. AndresmitZA10

    Do you support the new ban on alcohol sales?

    Families will go to bed hungry because breadwinners have lost their jobs. Hospitals are there for trauma cases, not just Covid. I am an adult, I have the right to decide for myself
  9. AndresmitZA10

    Discovery Insure Giveaway - Win your share of R2,000 cash

    Car insurance - Up to 50% of your fuel spend back every month for driving well
  10. AndresmitZA10

    Which stores or products do you miss the most?

    Whiskey and smokes