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    How do I get Telkom to flip me to 10 meg?

    According to the web tester my exchange supports 10 meg. The exchange box is across the street from my complex <700m away. My 4 meg line is still only providing 4 megs. Is there any way I can ask Telkom to unlimit my line to get the 10 megs the Telkom web site says my line/exchange supports?
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    Pigeon vs Telkom -

    Just got a mail at work on this topic, and seems some-one is going to hit old Telkom hard! Essentially checking to see if a carrier pigeon can deliver 4 gigs of data faster than DSL line. I think we can ll support this cause and spread the word, get some egg on Telkoms face Also go...
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    IS vs SAIX - Any real difference?

    Ok, so I'm finally had enough of Telkom milking me dry and not giving me what I want, so I'm letting my money do the talking. Currently have a 512k DSL line and a (now) 5 Gig TelkomInternet account, which all in all is costing R695. I wanted to switch to Do level 3, but my exchange does not...