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    Xbox 360 Bundle [S]

    Item name: Xbox 360 Slim 250GB / Kinect Sensor / 2x Wireless Controllers / Forza 4 / Forza Horizon / GTA 5 / Red Dead Redemption GoTY Age and condition: ±2yrs and very good condition Do you include packaging: No Warranty: No Reason for selling: Unfortunately don't get time to play Price...
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    WebAfrica/Telkom fault

    I have this problem and I have reported the fault to WebAfrica as I rent my ADSL line from them. Now as far as I'm concerned they should be in contact with Telkom and stay on top of the fault and provide me with feedback (that is why I pay them). At this stage I am very annoyed as I have...
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    Teamspeak 3 - Do Gaming Server

    I keep getting disconnected from the server, with error:- Sometimes it can happen within 2min of connecting and other times I can stay connected for hours. Other time it connects and disconnects like crazy. This is getting quite frustrating and have tried to contact DoGaming support (but...
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    Calling all OpenWeb 384k account holders

    Would just like some feedback from the OpenWeb customers with regards to 384k lines/accounts. I have looked at a few ISP's and looks like the following two OpenWeb accounts to be best matched for me. 1. Uncapped LITE - Unshaped account @ R196 2. Gold Uncapped - Lower contention ratios @...