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    Unable to access mobile data : Vodacom

    I am in desperate need of help - I am unable to connect to certain webpages on mobile (currently an iPhone 6+). I cannot for example access, but I can get onto I can't get onto or news24. I cannot stream on Apple Music. Until recently I could send...
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    FTTB with VoIP offerings VOX vs XDSL

    I am looking at getting fibre installed for my business. We have a DFA fibre running down our street. Now I have had some quotes on Fibre - some are crazy so I have narrowed down to 2 providers based on similar offerings and comparative pricing. What I really want to find out is 10mb...
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    Bandluxe C120 and Mecer(?) WM726 Problems

    I have just taken out the 8ta 10GIG for R199 per month. (2 contracts in fact) I checked coverage - they checked in store - ALL GOOD so I took the plunge - First mistake.....I think that this article is true below cost broadband battle I have 2 modems (both from Mecer) Bandluxe C120 HSDPA...