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  1. AntennaMan

    Samsung Pay South Africa

    Interesting, but this is the Samsung Pay thread.
  2. AntennaMan

    What game are you playing now? (Part 2)

    It has been 17 years, so I doubt it. But maybe a newer version of the engine???. I never really had similar issues. I've only played for around 3 hours, so I can't really comment on stability issues at this time.
  3. AntennaMan

    What game are you playing now? (Part 2)

    Evil Genius 2 So much nostalgia
  4. AntennaMan

    Samsung Pay South Africa

    Random question. Some Nedbank terminals ask for a random selection of 4 digits of the virtual card number. In the past, when tapping on the virtual card you could see the whole number. Now it only shoes the last 4 digits. How can I see the whole card number?
  5. AntennaMan

    Hybrid Inverter Charger towards 1st step away from Eskom prison

    Lithium batteries typically can't handle the same surges currents as lead-acid. That is probably why the BMS shut everything down. I love my Victron+Pylontech combo. Something the Victron does, that it seems other brands don't do is tie the neutral and ground on the backup side once it loses...
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    Hybrid Inverter Charger towards 1st step away from Eskom prison

    Not sure how much for the electric fence, but when everything is on and the fridge is in an active cycle, the load is around 350W. I can safely get 10-12 hours. And yes, pylontech is nominal 48V.
  7. AntennaMan

    Hybrid Inverter Charger towards 1st step away from Eskom prison

    Yeah, OP ki da explicitly states he will not run the heavies on there. I have an older Multiplus II. Only lights, Internet, alarm, electric fence and fridge on it. Paired with a single Pylontech Us3000b. It works like a charm.
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    Lastpass Free - big change

    I moved over to Bitwarden. The process was smooth with no issues so far.
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    US plane scatters engine debris over Denver homes [B777]

    Nice video from Captain Joe:
  10. AntennaMan

    Anger after Joburg load-shedding schedules amended with no notice

    The problem is that we were scheduled to have 1x 4.5 hour session this weekend. Now suddenly we have 4x 2.5 hour sessions. And so far, the sessions have been 2.5 hours and longer.
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    Aramex global shopper

    I saw that. It sucks.
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    Manager of Hennie’s Sports Bar and Restaurant in Moreleta Park arrested for serving non-alcoholic gin and tonic

    Problem is, its our tax money funding that payout. We need to start going after the individual cops pension, maybe then they will be more careful.
  13. AntennaMan

    Samsung Health App and Fit-e on non-Samsung phone

    It would seem like the Samsung Health App now works on non-Samsung phones. There are also a lot of threads about issues with watches and the like. Can anyone confirm if this works? My S9 is about to die on me and I'm thinking of getting a Oneplus 8T.
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    Aramex global shopper

    Has anyone shipped anything from Hong Kong recently? I see the Oneplus 8T on the Hong Kong store is about almost R2000 cheaper than going through the US or EU countries.
  15. AntennaMan

    Ordering from Steelseries directly?

    They don't. Somewhere on their website is an FAQ where it states that they only include shipping and customs is your problem.
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    Top wireless earbuds you can buy in SA

    It's a decent enough price, if you take into account the premium we pay in SS. But you can get them for about R1k on Amazon, plus R500 shipping. So if you want to save some money, that's the way to go. I bought a pair of Jabra Elite 85H headphones from Amazon. Landed cost was around R3k. Local...