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  1. Tsepz_GP

    iPhone stolen, how to retain number/SIM swop?

    So sorry to hear that, it absolutely sucks! All I did was to send a screenshot of the SMS Messages to Apple’s Phishing reports mailbox: Will DM you shortly I want to see if the number that SMSd you is the same one that SMSd me.
  2. Tsepz_GP

    Mate 40 Pro Review

    I wish I could keep it :D lol, I have to say I have really grown incredibly fond of this one, much like I did the Mate 20 Pro.
  3. Tsepz_GP

    Apple Pay South Africa

    Absolutely agreed, the problem with FNB is that they seem to be trying to build their own ecosystem that is difficult to get into, they want to own every part of your experience as their customer and when it comes to things like this it’s not an ideal situation at all. You are lucky! My main...
  4. Tsepz_GP

    Apple Pay South Africa

    I'm super jelly now :( I wish FNB and Standard Bank would just make it happen! I don't feel like using Discovery just for this, lol.
  5. Tsepz_GP

    which ipad support ios 12.2

    Whatever you do, don’t get anything with less than 2GB RAM and avoid the Air 2 as it is using an older 20nm chip. Best to get at minimum the iPad 9.7 2017 (A1822 or A1823). Or iPad Pro 9.7 2016 (A1674/A1675 or A1673).
  6. Tsepz_GP

    Mate 40 Pro Review

    Thanks a lot Jase! [emoji846] If you don’t mind the Mate 40 Pro’s weaker Ultra Wide Angle camera and weaker Selfie Camera then go for the Mate 40 Pro, as its Main Camera and Telephoto camera come straight from the P40 Pro and the Mate 40 Pro has the newest chipset (5nm -Kirin9000), it has the...
  7. Tsepz_GP

    Apple Pay South Africa

    I see FNB is using BrandsEye to publish their posts on the @RBJacobs account, that is a very powerful social listening and online reputation management tool and if the pressure carries on it will show up as a big red flag when they put together their social media reports in digital marketing...
  8. Tsepz_GP

    Apple Pay South Africa

    Lol, some of your posts made it on to the Business Tech article: Going to try add my Discovery Bank account. Sucks my main bank is FNB and secondary is Standard Bank, neither...
  9. Tsepz_GP

    iPhone 12 Rumours & Release Date

    Madness, similar situations with 11 series early last year. I remember last year shortly before lockdown began I was calling every Vodashop and Vodacom4U to get my 11 Pro Max (replacing the Xs Max that was stolen) as insurance had approved the phone replacement, and almost every where there was...
  10. Tsepz_GP

    iPhone 12 Rumours & Release Date
  11. Tsepz_GP

    Chinese smartphone maker Meizu could use Huawei Mobile Services, may become the first non-Huawei phone vendor to use HMS

    Wow, are the majority of people actually watching full length movies and series on Netflix on their phones? I usually watch it on my TV or tablet. EDIT: According to this study about 70% of Netflix viewing is from TV, followed by laptop at 15% and smartphone at just 10%...
  12. Tsepz_GP

    Chinese smartphone maker Meizu could use Huawei Mobile Services, may become the first non-Huawei phone vendor to use HMS

    Indeed and finally a formidable 3rd ecosystem. Considering the growing tension with the US and Xiaomi now, I think we will see more of them jump on HMS and more developers will have to focus more on it. Seeing the progress being made in App Gallery among local and international developers...
  13. Tsepz_GP

    Mate 40 Pro Review

    All apps that I use either have a replacement or an APK that can be downloaded from Petal Search and Findorra. Have not tried doing the Google Services on this one, I am simply using it as it comes to get a better idea of how it is to love without them. I was able to get MS OneDrive to replace...
  14. Tsepz_GP

    Mate 40 Pro Review

    Thank you so much guys![emoji2]
  15. Tsepz_GP

    Mate 40 Pro Review

    Now for the Zoom! We will start from Wide, got Normal, and then 5x Optical Zoom and end off at 10x Zoom which is a combination of the 5x Optical Zoom and Digital Zoom. Wide Normal 5x Optical Zoom 10x Zoom (5x Optical & Digital) The Mate 40 Pro is an incredible shooter and in my...
  16. Tsepz_GP

    Mate 40 Pro Review

    The smartphone industry simply cannot stop and give us a break, year after year we get bigger, better and more efficient and Huawei have certainly not held back. It’s a great time for those of us who enjoy seeing mobile technology advance and it is great for everyone in general as it means the...
  17. Tsepz_GP

    Huawei Mate 40 Pro Pre order Specials

    It is well worth it, an absolute stunner, will be posting my review soon... EDIT: REVIEW is up:
  18. Tsepz_GP

    Finished paying off loan on car - time to register myself as the owner.

    First off congratulations! From what I remember when I did this, all you do is take the documents to the Licensing Department and you pay a fee and that's it. I never had to do a roadworthiness test on my car but that was a car I purchased in 2017 and paid off in 2018 and it was at under...
  19. Tsepz_GP

    Rare cars on SA road

    I'm noticing a lot of this to. There is a dude who lives a few houses down from me that drives both a Jaguar F-Type R V8 Supercharged as well as a Porsche Cayenne S that seems to have an incredibly loud aftermarket exhaust, he never has a front plate on his cars and yet almost every week there...
  20. Tsepz_GP

    Huawei Mate 40 Series

    So the Mate 40 Pro is proving to be one amazing phone on battery usage, I unplugged it on Friday morning, and it only hit 11% this morning (Sunday). Unfortunately with the new EMUI11 you cannot get a full view of the usage from charge it isolates usage on a "per day basis" which is such a pity...