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  1. droplet

    my vodacom app - multiple phone numbers

    until recently in the my vodacom app, i have been able to check the balances for both my wife's and my phone numbers. my contract is the primary one, with my wife's number being billed on my account. i was always able to click on my phone number and it would drop down to show both numbers and...
  2. droplet

    Payment gateways

    who are the decent payment gateway providers in south africa? our small business develops websites as part of its offering and we require a way to be able to include online payments into sites for a number of different clients. how do we go about this? thanks :)
  3. droplet

    small office on wifi

    our office has two (netgear dgn 1000 and netgear dgn 2200). each router is on its own 6Mb line. we currently have two desktops that are connected to the one router by cable, and up to fourteen laptops that connect to the two routers via wifi. there are several (up to 16) smartphones that...
  4. droplet

    gold reef city theme park

    i am going to be in johannesburg in the first week on january and was thinking of going to the theme park at gold reef city. is it worth it? are the rides good? how busy is it likely to be - will there be long queues? what is the value for money proposition like (at R165/ticket)? are there...
  5. droplet

    solution for SA google play merchants?

    i would like to sell android apps on the play store. however, google does not yet support in south africa developer accounts that sell paid apps what options do i have as a south african to sell apps on the play...
  6. droplet

    live sport streaming thread

    what options are there for watching live sport online? with a premium dstv account, one can stream supersport live, although it pretty much sucks for big games (they don't seem to be able to handle the load). are there any good paid options? is sky an option? what are the good free...
  7. droplet

    how to sell android apps in south africa?

    google currently does not support south africa as a location in which to set up an android developer account that can sell apps. what are the workarounds for this?
  8. droplet

    geforce gtx285 issues - thoughts/suggestions?

    i recently purchased a second-hand gtx285 to match my existing one for SLI purposes. i have an asus p6t motherboard (x58 chipset) with an i7 920, 3x2GB DDR 1033. i have an antec signature 850w PSU, so power is not an issue. i have always been running my GPU in the second pci-3 16x slot...
  9. droplet

    mp3 maintenance

    i am looking for a good program to embed album art in mp3s. a winamp plugin would be the best win for me. any suggestions?
  10. droplet

    gorilla glass

    is gorilla glass strong enough to withstand all scratches? if not, how quickly does it get scratched? how necessary is it to get a screen protector for a smartphone?