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    #COOL-20201118-549549 - New Order Processing

    Thanks. The problem is I booked the new order 2 weeks ago and the installer phoned me the next day. So I asked him to phone me closer to the 1st to give him a day when I will be able to give them access to the new property. Currently still haven't phoned me. Coolideas keep following up with...
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    Frogfoot Contact. Doesn't come back to book install

    Problem is if frogfoot doesn't come and install before I move I will have to go with a different WIFI provider where you have to pay for the equipment or sign a 2 year contract. Would love to stay on fibre. I booked the new order 2 weeks before I moved but they called me the same day and said...
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    #COOL-20201118-549549 - New Order Processing

    Can someone please get Frogfoot to contact me to install the fibre. I need to move soon and need to have the fibre up and running to work from home. This is becoming a huge problem. Thanks Rudolph
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    Frogfoot Contact. Doesn't come back to book install

    Guys I need to install Frogfoot fibre to be able to move into my new place and work from home. But so far I have been struggling for 4 days through coolideas for them to get back to me to book an install. If I cannot get them I will have to go WIFI and will have to sign a 2 year contract...
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    Smart outdoor security cameras in SA?

    Where did you get them for $45 each or was it a special. $60 currently on the reolink store.
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    Updating my Sanlam RA funds

    Bad time to do anything on your funds. Wait a year or two for them to recover first
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    Self-checkout shopping – What SA is missing out on

    Maybe check out the Sixty60 app from Checkers. Don't even have to go into a store and can checkout from home
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    Cool Ideas DDoS

    Maybe the DDoS mitigation companies doing it to sell their product
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    Your top 3 TV series of all time

    Can't believe LetterKenny didn't get any love
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    Afrihost Pure Fibre Giveaway - Win Free Fibre worth over R25,000

    Location: Brackenfell, Cape Town Fibre Provider: Vumatel Package: 100Mbps Uncapped
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    Android 10 beta rolls out

    Who is brave enough to test if the FNB app works on the beta. Normally it doesn't
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    Home Automation - Smartkit
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    Home Automation - Smartkit

    Thinking the same. Might be a different header inside the case that takes 12V
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    Home Automation - Smartkit

    But that's why I want to open it. I am sure it's one of their other devices they reused and then must be 12 v capable
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    Home Automation - Smartkit

    Unfortunately not. 5V , but at least have dry contacts
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    Home Automation - Smartkit

    Ordered one from Banggoods for R380 excl shipping. and one of these 12v to 5v micro usb converters. You get a board one as well but again I am trying to do something that any...
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    Home Automation - Smartkit

    Support a Magnetic switch to report if door is open or close in standard ewelink software. Still a hack because it shows On/Off for Open/Close but at least I don't have to flash and can use standard google home integration.
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    Home Automation - Smartkit

    On my gate/garage automation. I have the sonoff SV coming but just wondered how these guys are doing it with standard ewelink firmware or will it be custom firmeware but hosted by ewelink. You even upgrade the firmware thru the ewelink app. The one youtube video I watch the version number was...
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    Home Automation - Smartkit

    Ignore. Will just cut an old computer I have apart for cable.