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  1. Joseph matane

    Best-ever fibre pricing in South Africa

    Guy's so Herotel is discontinue 5Mbps and 20Mbps?
  2. Joseph matane

    SA's top broadband location is Cape Town

    Please ask rain to work with mybroadband to zero rate mybroadband speed test because currently rain has zero rate
  3. Joseph matane

    All the device-based digital payment wallets in South Africa

    Interesting article but I wonder how many people use NFC able devices in SA, example if market share is 10 Million people out of that 10M how many people use NFC smart devices?
  4. Joseph matane

    Samsung Galaxy A32 - The affordable mid-range option

    What about Samsung Pay/NFC
  5. Joseph matane

    More on SA cell towers

    Hey how can I view this information on Nokia?
  6. Joseph matane

    Best ever prepaid LTE deals in South Africa

    I need clarity regarding this "Home Flexi prepaid LTE" is it top up contract or Cell C prepaid subscribers can buy this bundles? Is it tower locked or you can use this data bundle on the go? Can you be able to use smartphone to connect to the internet or is limited to selected routers?
  7. Joseph matane

    Liquid completes two new long-distance fibre routes in SA

    You won't get user friendly coverage map, liquid sucks they are expensive and fail to launch fully detailed South African coverage map They rather mention we operate in ..... African countries, we don't want that we need coverage map for SA don't tell us about other countries
  8. Joseph matane

    Network quality - Rain's major problem

    True but FTTH is too limited just compare rain's current 5G coverage to FTTH coverage in all 4 metropolitan Municipalities covered by rain 5G has large footprint
  9. Joseph matane

    Network quality - Rain's major problem

    I think rain to prioritize 4G network and roll out 5G network slow
  10. Joseph matane

    Spotify launches redesign for desktop app and web player

    Talking about Spotify premium why Tymebank and Vodacom charge extra R6 for Spotify subscription? This don't make sense unless Spotify don't have local office in SA, even Netflix subscription seem cheaper because you don't pay extra R6
  11. Joseph matane

    MetroFibre gets billions to grow fibre network in South Africa

    Am more interested in upcoming roll out area's I suspect it won't be really underserved areas I have feeling those new markets are covered with small FNO infrastructure
  12. Joseph matane

    This is Rain’s plan to make money

    I get little confused by mybroadband articles regarding rain and Vodacom agreement, last article mention that Vodacom is roaming on rain's LTE band 38 because Vodacom don't have their own LTE band 38 spectrum, today article only mention LTE band 3 so is Vodacom roaming on rain's LTE band 3 and...
  13. Joseph matane

    Samsung unveils new Galaxy A Series smartphones

    So Samsung Galaxy A52 5G is below R8000 without taxes I think it will cost R12000 locally
  14. Joseph matane

    Huge demand for Supersonic Air Fibre

    So can we expect aggressive coverage roll from you or you just open doors for Supersonic to dominate Northern Provinces with Air Fibre? Maybe you need to investigate Air Fibre too and partner with Vodacom to use their Tower's (1000 sites) Fair price is to offer: 10Mbps DL 5Mbps UL for R399 PM...
  15. Joseph matane

    Spectrum auction delay is bad news for South Africa - Liquid

    I don't trust Liquid Intelligent Technologies they might get spectrum and lease it to highest roaming bidder, don't give them even 2mhz bandwidth If they do try to compete they will be the most expensive Operator with fancy explanation "enterprise wireless" where you pay R999 for 100GB fixed-LTE
  16. Joseph matane

    Supersonic Air Fibre Speed tests and service reviews

    Good news Mbombela is getting Air Fibre this year
  17. Joseph matane

    Supersonic Air Fibre Speed tests and service reviews

    Good News Supersonic said they will be switching on Air Fibre in May aka 68 Tower's for now
  18. Joseph matane

    Huge demand for Supersonic Air Fibre

    Straight forward image