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    DStv won't play any channels. Uncertified Google device.

    Hi, I have a MyGica TV box where I can't play any DStv channels because I have an uncertified Google Play Store. I had to download the DStv app from APKPure because it wasn't available on the Play Store. I tried using the Device ID app to register my Google Service Framework (GSF), but after...
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    Best VoIP service provider where you can keep your Telkom landline number?

    What is the best provider where you can keep your Telkom landline number? Must include: Local and preferably international calling. Include cordless phones. Be able to have multiple phone calls at the same time. I using a fiber line. Thanks.
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    PhoneTalk VoIP Telecommunication Solutions?

    Hi, Does anyone use PhoneTalk as an alternative to Telkom's phone services? If you are using them, are you happy with their services? Thanks.
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    Best ISP for fiber?

    WebAfrica's fiber speed is very unreliable. Sometimes when I'm watching YouTube, the video freezes and that darn spinning wheel starts up.
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    Best ISP for fiber?

    Can someone just tell me which ISP do they recommend, and not tell me the ones they don't?
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    Best ISP for fiber?

    I heard good things about CyberSmart and SuperSonic. Are they any good?
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    Best ISP for fiber?

    Hi, I'm looking to change ISP because I'm not happy with WebAfrica. I was using their uncapped 100 Mb/s down and up. Can you guy's recommend the most reliable ISP for uncapped fiber? Thanks.
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    Best ISP for Fiber uncapped?

    Any more suggestions for best ISP?
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    Best ISP for Fiber uncapped?

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    Best ISP for Fiber uncapped?

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    Best ISP for Fiber uncapped?

    Hi, I am currently using WebAfrica with 50 down and 5 up but their service and fiber internet connection is terrible. Looking to change ISP, but I'm not sure which one to choose. I want fiber that is 100mps uncapped and unshaped and at a good price. What do you guy's recommend? Many Thanks.
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    Transferring an email from one ISP to another.

    How do I downgrade?
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    Transferring an email from one ISP to another.

    Hi, I am currently using WebAfrica, but I want to switch to a different ISP. The only problem is that my brother is using a WebAfrica email account. Is there a way to transfer his WA email to a different ISP? ------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm very...
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    Replacing DStv with Roku?

    I'm thinking of replacing my DStv with a Roku system. But I need some questions answered first. 1) Can you get local and international sports? (Cricket, Rugby, Soccer) 2) Can you get food channels? (Food Network, BBC LifeStyle) 3) Can you get all the BBC channels and Discovery channels...
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    Cool Ideas uncapped 100mbps?

    Is the Cool Ideas uncapped 100mbps package any good? Any problems with line connection? Thanks.
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    Where can I buy a "Google Chromecast 2nd Generation"?

    I tried Takealot they told me they had stock, then I got an email a couple of days later saying they were sold out. Then I tried another online store with the same results. I would prefer to buy one at a retail store not online. Preferably in the Northan Suburbs of Jo'burg. Because I'm...
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    ADSL Kensington B issues

    Our ADSL line has been down for the last three days. It only comes on in the morning and late at night. Does anyone know what the problem is, and how long its going to take to fix it. Thanks.