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  1. Nereus77

    SA's top broadband location is Cape Town

    Howick is about to go up a few notches (but still stay wayyyy off that list lmao)
  2. Nereus77

    Intel launches delayed Xeon server chips

    Intel is the discount option now.... Edit: Even more so in the Desktop space, I believe. RIP Rocket Lake
  3. Nereus77

    Big electricity price shock for Johannesburg prepaid residents possible

    They are the best alternative, yes. They need to be bigger, bolder and stronger though.
  4. Nereus77

    Big electricity price shock for Johannesburg prepaid residents possible

    Agreed, the DA is not SA's cure-all party. They need to do better. World: SA has the most expensive electricity in the world ANC: Excellent, lets increase that...
  5. Nereus77

    The DA is in total crisis.

    South Africa needs a political overhaul, essentially
  6. Nereus77

    If you try to claim "too much" from your car insurance, your policy can be cancelled

    Siri, why do so many people drive around with dents despite having insurance?
  7. Nereus77

    Special COVID-19 lockdown measures announced for Easter

    No Easter Egg ban, so its all good (hey you never know)
  8. Nereus77

    Driving a Ferrari – but earning less than R34,000 per month

    Yes. South Africa is known for its incorruptible politicians.
  9. Nereus77

    Get ready for record high petrol prices in South Africa - AA

    All I want for Christmas is petrol at R10.00 per litre.
  10. Nereus77

    Driving a Ferrari – but earning less than R34,000 per month

    Lmao, start by auditing the politicians first, then big corporate CEOs and board members (JSE). Then major govt contractors. You'd get some big numbers. Probably 90% of the tax dodging right there.
  11. Nereus77

    South Africa’s middle-class is being wiped out

    Hey.... At least we all work from home now, amirite?
  12. Nereus77

    Metrofibre Feedback

    My area went live during the week I posted this. Now I'm just waiting for my (teeny-tiny) ISP to get back to me after negotiating with MFN, which they have been doing for at least a month now.....
  13. Nereus77

    Telkom network blackouts hit fibre customers

    Billing Issues and Telkom are synonymous....
  14. Nereus77

    Great news for fibre in South Africa as networks are forced share infrastructure

    Yes, it certainly sounds like this applies to building/complex conduit, not a network's own trenching.
  15. Nereus77

    Telkom network blackouts hit fibre customers

    I have Telkom Mobile SIM cards. Signal usually disappears during loadshedding, but with this last bout it was actually working properly. That's my experience in my small Midlands town.
  16. Nereus77

    Port Elizabeth objects to Gqeberha name change – considers Nelson Mandela City instead

    Yikes, that's a bit of a f***-up. I hope the DA can sort things out over there.
  17. Nereus77

    Working for Denel – A struggle for survival

    Companies: No work, no pay Also companies: You've done the work, but there's also no money. Sorry guy....
  18. Nereus77

    WSU student accidentally receives R14m NSFAS deposit, spends thousands

    The wheels of the South African Justice System grind with huge inefficiency......
  19. Nereus77

    10Mbps DSL versus 10Mbps fibre - Prices compared

    RIP Telkom ADSL. You ripped us off for far too long. I think fibre prices will also fall as fibre networks get bigger and we have higher capacity undersea cables coming online.
  20. Nereus77

    MetroFibre gets billions to grow fibre network in South Africa

    MetroFibre recently rolled out in my area and is now live. Lockdown complicated things so its taken a while to finish. Once my ISP gives me the green light (small ISP, doesn't normally work with MFN) I should be switched over. At least some of my neighbours now sitting happy with fibre. Look...