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    iPhone 4S from Australia - Who wants?

    Hi guys, It's been a while since I've posted here, Aussies are keeping me busy. I'm coming to South Africa in Desember(10th), and I'm willing to bring along a brand new iPhone 4S for someone. I'll only charge $100 extra for my efforts. It still works out WAY cheaper than to buy it in South...
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    ** BringITover ** Pre-Launch

    Hi Everyone, A while ago I mentioned that I'm going to start an online business... Well, after many months of planing, the online store is almost ready to launch... I'm talking pre-orders for iPhones (3gs) and iPads(Wifi/3G)... iPad stock is still very low in Australia, that's why I need to...
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    iPhone 3GS Tethering issue - Vodacom

    Seeing as I dont have ADSL anymore, I bought some gconnect 3g data to try and tether... But this is what happened... I connected the iPhone to the USB, closed iTunes, enabled Tethering (General->Network->Tethering) and then tried to access the internet on my notebook, but it didnt work. When...
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    New Online shop selling iPhones coming soon for SA!

    I will be starting a new business when I move to Melbourne in April. My online store is going to sell mostly anything you want, something similar to WantItAll, but with a few differences, including lower prices, faster door-to-door shipping, Gift Services etc... You will be able to buy the...
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    iPhone 3GS 16GB - Latest Retail Price?

    Hi, Whats the latest retail price for an iPhone 3GS 16GB?
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    iPhone 4G (2010) - So what do you think?

    I kinda like it... still no flash though :( Looking forward to iChat
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    Best DSTV Deal?

    Hey! I'm thinking of getting DSTV, because of the Olympics starting soon, and for other reasons :) How much does it cost, anyone know of a good package where you get everything?Including Installation and decoder? Thanks