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  1. McSack

    VDSL only 10 up ?

    Wish I could consistently get over 1 even. :( Yes... that's not a typo...over 1Mbps
  2. McSack

    Test your broadband speed - win prizes worth R25,000

    Vox DSL Clarens Not really Vox's fault ... TelSkommel recon 1Mbps upload is about the best I can expect. Plays havoc with online meetings and presentations
  3. McSack

    Test your broadband speed - win prizes worth R25,000

    ... don't know if this even rates as "broadband" :( 20/5 DSL
  4. McSack

    Is online learning as effective as classroom learning?

    Depends on whether you are first or last in the queue
  5. McSack

    Do Sodastreams create carbonated water similar in quality to Schweppes Soda Water?

    Just remember to flap hands around randomly or the spell won't complete properly ;) (Took a look at the vid without sound ... could easily be mistaken for amateur spell casting with some arb props :D )
  6. McSack

    Steak and egg not healthy?

    Only thing missing on that plate is another 2 eggs
  7. McSack

    Mkhize confirms second wave of COVID-19 in South Africa

    Wonder why there isn't a big focus on testing everyone attending picnic in the north recently? No restrictions on how many people they squeezed into masks... definitely no social distancing. Trying to prevent these gatherings is such a farce
  8. McSack

    What are you going to do this Christmas/New Year?

    Ah OK. Offended on behalf of people who we don't even know are offended then. Don't you think it's pretty offensive assuming that they are unable to voice their own opinions
  9. McSack

    What are you going to do this Christmas/New Year?

    The question was "What are you doing this Christmas / New Year?". Why are you bringing periods into it ? What pressure ? Edit: even if the reference is to a couple of weeks, how soft/insecure does one have to be to feel pressure over the time being referred to by a particular name. :-/
  10. McSack

    What are you going to do this Christmas/New Year?

    :D oh my sack! Why don't we just change the name of every holiday on the planet from Diwali to Thanksgiving to Eid to day-off-1, day-off-2 ...
  11. McSack

    What are you going to do this Christmas/New Year?

    Why not? Even if the day itself was stolen from the pagans the "holiday" has been called Christmas for hundreds of years. I don't get why the name bothers people
  12. McSack

    South Africa's unemployment situation is not hopeless, says Minister

    This's the same Thulas who lied about the firepool and related security ..uh...
  13. McSack

    Two Cogta officials axed for corruption

    This is what happens when pointless gov depts with *massive* budgets are run like spaza shops. Taxpayers are going to take another hiding when we have to pay out on the unfair dismissals / golden handshakes :-/
  14. McSack

    ADSL vs LTE?

    No probs....Clarens
  15. McSack

    ADSL vs LTE?

    Thanks. Will try find out distance from exchange
  16. McSack

    ADSL vs LTE?

    I am probably a ballie of your old man's age then because I definitely remember being the envy of my charnas with my 64K shizznizz line :D
  17. McSack

    ADSL vs LTE?

    ... according to Vox....a 40Mbp line is possible. Haven't actually put the order in yet Strangely enough no fixed LTE from MTN. Would've taken one of their business deals if it was available
  18. McSack

    ADSL vs LTE?

    So we're moving out of the big city to a small dorp in the Freestate that doesn't have fibre. I'm in 2 minds about which way to go with interwebs. A lot of my work involves online facilitation so the network needs to be reliable. It has been ages since I was on copper. Anyone got current...
  19. McSack

    MyBB Motorcycle Owners Thread (2nd gear)

    If I were to finance a bike I would head straight to FireItUp. Let them take care of all the crap and you get to just enjoy the buying of a new (or almost new) boney. Service is excellent , prices are pretty good and their warranty is possibly better than you would get on a new bike (IMHO - but...