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  1. Hackson

    Rain R379 cellphone only package

    This is actually a solid deal. One just need a Dual sim 4G phone.
  2. Hackson

    April lockdown data usage

    Hey forumers Just kicking this one off so everyone can post how much data they used in April, a full month of mandated lockdown. Template ISP + Line provider Connection speed Number of people using the data Data used Mine Afrihost + Vumatel 20Mbps 2 people Download: 569.98GB Upload: 78.54GB
  3. Hackson

    Sale/Trade Volkano Mini Bazooka series portable speaker

    For Sale/Trade Item name (be very descriptive): Volkano mini portable Bluetooth speaker Age and condition: 5 Days (Still in box) Do you include packaging: Yes Warranty: No (Doubt it) Reason for selling: Got this for free with a cellphone upgrade from MTN Price: R200/USB cellphone fast charger...
  4. Hackson

    [W] Any useful fridge with freezer

    Item wanted: A fridge, any size as long as it cools and freezes. Is packaging essential?: No. Desired age and condition: Working condition. Location: Auckland park or Johannesburg South Willing to accept a shipped item: Yes, can collect with my delivery man.
  5. Hackson

    For Sale/Trade: Nokia 2

    Hi Item name: Nokia 2 (2017) Age and condition: 6 months Do you include packaging: Yes Warranty: Yes Reason for selling: Not needed. Got a flagship Price: R900 Negotiable: Yes Location: Auckland park(night)/Sandton(day, weekly) Shipping or collection: Collection No earphones, no charger...
  6. Hackson

    Google Chromecast 2nd generation

    Hi Item name (be very descriptive): Google Chromecast - TV streaming device from Google. Age and condition: Sealed. Do you include packaging: Yes Warranty: No Reason for selling: Not needed, useless to me as I have my desktop connected to the TV already. Price: R800 or 5.1 Speakers (any good...
  7. Hackson

    Paper based system to web based system for data collection

    Hi. I am going to be leading a team of 5 fresh from university graduates in the development of a web system from a paper based system. Are the following technologies which I have decided to go with the best? Also I am choosing these because they are the ones that we used at varsity...