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    DSTV Now - Error 404

    Howzit, Is anyone else getting error 404 when trying to watch live tv on dstv now? Its been two weeks and still not working. I can watch catchup, but need live tv :(
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    Telkom Line Rental

    Do you still need to pay telkom line rtental if you have adsl. Just saw the puredsl fropm afrihost so was wondering.
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    Best Media Player atm

    Hi Guys, Just wondering what is the best box on the markey atm. One that supports dstv now, kodi, netflix etc. I know that Nvidia Shield is the boss but looking for something cheaper.
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    Damn U Blizz

    been thinking of this kukky game, since i started playing about 2 years ago it has cost me: Wow + TBC = R 600 24months Subs = R 2,880 More memory = R 500 1st Graphics card = R 1,200 (7600gt) 1st LCD = R 1,500 (17" pos) 2nd graphics card (7900 gtx)= R 2,500 2nd LCD = R 2,000 (19"...