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    Mweb vs Axxess Uncapped

    Hey forum, I want to know what kind of speeds people are getting over axxess compared to mweb. Particularly P2P such as Torrents, News Servers and Gaming as well as basic overall HTTP speeds. I'm about to throw in the towel with mweb, everyday there is a new technical issue and P2P is a...
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    Mweb Uncapped Shaping More Relaxed this Afternoon?

    For the past couple of weeks we've had nothing but painfully slow p2p, during shaped and unshaped hours over Mweb 4mb Uncapped. This afternoon I got an sms from a friend that he was getting 140kB/s on P2P at 1Pm. To my disbelief, I checked it out and was amazed to see that I was also getting...