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    Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 - sms message setting missing

    Does anybody know how to change the sms receipt settings? There is no settings under options on messaging.:confused:
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    Axxess default answer for slow speeds

    I lost it last night with Axxess and their slow speeds. Seand again a complaint. Got back it seems the default answer for all speed related complaints: HI there i see that on this account you are running two connections which would half the speed and you are running on a 1 star ratting...
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    Axxess uncapped 1024 international almost dead

    I am getting 12kbs on speedtest to London and New York. anybody else have the same problem?
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    Good dentist in PTA that does not ask for payment upfront

    Anybody knows of a good dentist in Pretoria that claims directly from the medical aid, and don't demand upfront payment?