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    What smartphone brand do you currently use?

    Apple - for the ecosystem
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    Hyundai i20 vs VW up!

    So this is probably not a typical comparison, but it's what I've come down to. We are looking for a replacement for our Ford Ka (so we're looking at entry level cars), but we require that it must at a minimum have aircon, abs and dual airbags. Fuel consumption is also something we used to weed...
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    Dealership dispute: anyone know how Ford instrument clusters work?

    I have a 2006 Ford Ka, which had a weird issue when I started the car: the needles for the speedometer and fuel indicator would jitter for a few seconds after turning the key. I took it to the dealership, and they said this was due to a low battery, which they replaced. Seems this is a common...
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    User linux training in Cape Town?

    Does anyone know of a person or company in the Cape Town area that could provide Linux training to community members from disadvantaged backgrounds, who have limited computer experience? The training should cover basic computer usage, as well as basic Internet concepts (mostly connecting to the...