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  1. Segg

    MTN Allowing WiFi Calling

    Has anyone else suddenly noticed their MTN sims are enabled for WiFi calls? I thought MTN wasn't allowing this?
  2. Segg

    Around the World in 40 Days

    South African adventurers, Mike Blyth and James Pitman's design and build their own light sports aircraft and then fly it around the world, completing the longest straight-line flights ever flown in such a small aircraft. The Sling 2 is a local design and production from The Airplane Factory...
  3. Segg

    The Russians are Coming

    Those of you in Centurion and Pretoria tomorrow morning are in for a surprise, some TU-160 Bombers inbound from Russia escorted into Waterkloof by the SAAF Gripens
  4. Segg

    2019 High Season Mozambican Lodge Availability

    Item(s) description: Exclusive High Season use of House, South of Inhambane, Mozambique Reason for sale: Previous booking fell through Viewing Location: Price: R4500/night but speak to Boss Lady Herself ;) (R560pp) Payment methods: EFT in ZAR Other information...
  5. Segg

    WTH Vumatel?

    So some friends of mine in Bryanston have had no connectivity for 5 days now, when calling Vumatel they were told there's a cable break up the road from them but no ETA on resolution :mad: come on! 5 days and no plans? What on earth is going on here? This seems to be affecting the area around...
  6. Segg

    MyBB: Not being notified of new posts

    Is anyone else having this issue? I'm not being alerted when people post to threads I'm subscribed to :rolleyes: its super annoying, and has been happening quite a bit, but to random threads :crying: Case in point
  7. Segg

    Canon 750D Time Lapse

    What's up guys I've got a 750D and have figured out the basic (read kak) time lapse function where one sets a focus range and the camera records from there This results in a rubbish time lapse as only a quarter or so of the frame is in focus Does anyone know a trick to ensure the whole...
  8. Segg

    VOX SIP on Fanvil X1

    Hi Guys Anyone ever setup a VOX SIP account on the Fanvil X1? I've used these phones on an asterisk PBX with no issues, but when using them at home directly with the Vox SIP settings, the account registers but the phone can't dial out or receive any calls Anyone got any ideas? Really not in the...
  9. Segg

    Vox Shaping/Throttling on Vuma

    Hi Guys Has anyone experienced poor quality download speeds with Vox uncapped over Vumatel as of late? The reason I signed up with them is due to their network reputation, and the fact that they have a total uncapped/unshaped FUP, infact from what I understand they only have an AUP Speed...
  10. Segg

    A (maybe) strange asterisk issue

    Hello Everyone I've got a strange issue I'm having with a new Asterisk (FreePBX) build I'm working on, basically I've managed to sort out hangup detection from the Telkom PSTN, but if a caller hangs up after the IVR has transferred the call to an extension, the extension keeps ringing until...