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  1. Freshy-ZN

    Autocad Map 3d 2016

    Something to do with settings where Y and X are inverted (or need to be). Sorry been a while and dont have the program to check.
  2. Freshy-ZN

    Trump Declares National Emergency to Build Border Wall

    He gave the Dems a chance to be reasonable.....
  3. Freshy-ZN

    Rentmaster - your experiences

    Those using Rentmaster or rentshield etc. are you still happy with their service?
  4. Freshy-ZN

    SA Post Office - confirmed useless.

    On the day we wanted to use local Skynet courier but the agency hadnt paid its bill or something and they werent getting service...... Thats when the trouble started.
  5. Freshy-ZN

    SA Post Office - confirmed useless.

    I should have listened, I should have paid attention. I should have believed it. The South African Post Office is dead (or appears that way) Need to get important docs legalised at DIRCO for kids EU passport applications. Sent them using registered letter to Pretoria to save the expense of an...
  6. Freshy-ZN

    property beacons first or draw up plans first?

    Sounds about right but ask for beacon certificate.
  7. Freshy-ZN

    property beacons first or draw up plans first?

    The beacons are the physical representations of the corners of your property. The person drawing plans for your new house will fit it in to the size and shape of your property as recorded on the SG diagram for your property. When it comes time to actually build you will need to know where your...
  8. Freshy-ZN

    Passport - contact at home affairs?

    I take it you have the receipt they gave you at the branch when you did your applcation? If so then yours cant be very far from being ready. Not much you can do about it but wait, Im afraid.
  9. Freshy-ZN

    Passport - contact at home affairs?

    It doesnt matter as its a centralised process. The only difference between branches is the waiting time/queues. Passports applications take between 10-14 working days. You should get an sms notification when they are ready for collection.
  10. Freshy-ZN

    Passport - contact at home affairs?

    Very recently got a new one in 13 working days
  11. Freshy-ZN

    What makes a liberal want to punch a child?

    Some say it will ignite the atmosphere, some say it will birth a black hole that will devour us, some say liberals will apply logic and critical thinking using facts not emotions. The truth is we really arent sure.
  12. Freshy-ZN

    What makes a liberal want to punch a child?

    My Super Power is the Smirk
  13. Freshy-ZN

    What makes a liberal want to punch a child?

    I want to punch liberals but have to restrain myself constantly.....
  14. Freshy-ZN

    Would you drive 1300km in one go?

    In 2000 I drove from Cabo San Lucas at the bottom of Baja Mexico to San Diego California in one go. Only stopped for toilet and coffee. Took 22 hours to do the 1100 odd miles and I was so exhausted I slept for 3 days after that.
  15. Freshy-ZN

    Importing something from Morocco

  16. Freshy-ZN

    Jasmin Paris becomes first woman to win 286-mile Montane Spine Race

    A real woman or identifies as a woman? (I know the answer. Its just sad that these are the kinds of questions that now get asked - thanks Liberals)
  17. Freshy-ZN

    Elizabeth Warrens Tweet

    That was very brutal PJW. Top notch.
  18. Freshy-ZN

    Elizabeth Warrens Tweet

    Oh the outrage at what Trump said. Trump could have said "Ice Cream is nice" and there would be an outrage. He isn't mocking Native Americans and their history he is mocking her for trying to worm her way into it.
  19. Freshy-ZN

    Retention of Citizenship question

    Well you required to apply for the retention BEFORE getting another citizenship so its a moot point really. And I would answer YES to the second question. Its not weird or illegal to have a another citizenship.