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    Investment property review

    For next few weeks, us at Nimblr will be offering financial analysis on investment properties free of charge! Just provide a link to the property on our website:
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    We built a property investment performance calculator

    We built an investment performance calculator for real estate properties that are currently on the market, taking into account all the cashflows that we could think of. Check out the demo What other things would you as an investor would like included in the...
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    What do you spend most of your time on when investing in real estate?

    As a real estate investor, what activity do you spend most of your time on? Finding deals? Analyzing the deals that you have? And if so, what kinds of analyses do you do and which parts of the analysis is the most time consuming? Thanks in advance!
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    What should I consider when purchasing a property to let?

    Hi all I am looking to buy an investment property to let in CT and I was wondering what are the different considerations for a prospective investor? Besides rent yield and capital appreciation, what are the other important considerations? Thank you in advance!