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    Wondernet Youtube peformance?

    Anyone here using Wondernet (Seacom, Macrolan)? After upgrading to 1000/100mbps I started streaming Youtube in 4k since I have a ridiculous speed for 1 user. Since then (quite a few weeks) there are times (usually around 7pm) where they have trouble giving a smooth stream. I have seen 1080p...
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    Warning: Telkom online ordering takes over 7 days!

    Hi Hopefully this post saves you some frustration. If you order a phone & contract from telkom online, they will phone you about it in 7 days. Not deliver it in 7 days, phone you about it! There is no warning about this on their website when you order. Going to a telkom shop is a lot...
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    Mweb - no capped VDSL options

    Hi Does anyone know why mweb does not do capped VDSL? They only seem to offer uncapped which is super expensive.
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    Warning about Crystal web throttling HTTP downloads

    UPDATE: Since there is way too much content here: my main warning to people is that Crystal Web refuses to refund you a few hours after sign up and discovered they do not offer the service you expected. They also limit speed to grabitjeeves during day hours. You can be as nice as you want to be...
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    Afrihost regular poor ping to local servers

    It seems afrihost does not even realize that every few days they have poor ping to local servers. I just did a comparative test: Afrihost: 157ms Mweb : 8ms I have only been with them a month and man, they just dont understand that web browser cookies have nothing to do with...