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  1. Demavend

    Help needed getting 012-number landline phone to work with fibre

    Hi guys. I am not sure if this is the correct forum category for this question. If not please let me know where I should post it. Telkom has ended our copper landline service about two weeks ago, telling us that we need to use fibre now for our 012-number home phone calls. They didn't provide...
  2. Demavend

    Why do so many South Africans put _ZA at the end of their usernames?

    I see this quite regularly on online forums, local and international, especially on Reddit. For example, you'd see someone called AvoiderofSoy_ZA or something pretentious like SoulReaper_ZA. I don't see other nationalities do this; only South Africans. Why are they so eager to show off the fact...