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  1. zubheir

    VALR to Binance help

    I have a VALR account with some Btc & Eth. Is it possible to transfer my crypto to a binance account? Reason is they have more coins to purchase that are not available on VALR. I dont want to use eft or credit card to purchase from binance. Is this the best cheapest way or is there something...
  2. zubheir

    Vodacom blocking streaming services

    Vodacom seems to have blocked my streaming services as well as psn. If i switch to telkom everything works flawlessly. I tried phoning them but they cant help me. Anyone experience this?
  3. zubheir

    How to turn off unlimited Offpeak?

    Seems like rain has removed their prepaid option. A very shitty move without notifying its users. You either have to cancel or use it permanently. Anyone know if you can go back to prepaid?
  4. zubheir

    Old Laptop Upgrade Advice

    I have an old Dell Inspiron N5050 laptop that needs a ram and ssd upgrade. The laptop came with windows 7. I want to upgrade it and use windows 10. However I dont see any drivers for this model on dells website. I do have a disc with drivers but I think its for windows 7 only. Do you think this...
  5. zubheir

    VPN Question

    I just wanted to know if there are any benefits to using a vpn with rains network? Will I see an improvement on internet speed? Would like someone to explain please. Thanks
  6. zubheir

    Rain connected to wrong tower

    Been using rain for 2 months now and its been fine, 15mbps. Past 2 weeks its been barely usable at 1mbps. I log into rain I check the tower, I notice its connected to a tower 2km away yet theres 3 towers alot closer around 600m from my house. Im guessing this is why the speed is slow and rain...
  7. zubheir

    Explain how rain works please

    I ordered a rain sim online which has not arrived as yet. I took the R250 option. What I'd like to know is how does the billing system work? To my knowledge its a month to month deal. For example my sim arrives, am I now on prepaid and have to activate the R250 option? What if I only want to...
  8. zubheir

    Ps4 Active populated servers

    Im wondering which PS4 games still have active players. I have not played online since last year been enjoying the single player offline games. Anyone know if black ops 3 still active? I played the hell out of black ops 2 until the hackers jumped in.
  9. zubheir

    Any s10 owners? Need some help

    Recently got a S10e. Now I'm far from a power user I don't even play games but my battery just keeps draining, even when I'm not using my phone. Overnight I lose 8% battery. This morning I left with 88% for work and now its dead. Have not used the phone since 9am today. Under battery it...
  10. zubheir

    Dell N5050 battery replacement

    Anyone know where I can get a new battery for dell N5050 laptop. Its quite old but I dont want to upgrade. I see takealot has one but Im sure its generic.
  11. zubheir

    What phone to get contract upgrade

    So my telkom contract is ready for an upgrade. I wanted the mate 20 pro at R399 but telkom does not have stock now for 5 weeks. So I asked around and turns out no network has stock. Telkom said to wait they might get stock but I highly doubt it. The next option was the p30 for R499 but as off...
  12. zubheir

    Cell C LTE/3G for gaming

    Does anyone here use cell c lte/ 3G for gaming?
  13. zubheir

    Telkom Wireless LTE for GAMING?

    Has anyone tried using telkoms LTE package for gaming? IF so, how is it in terms of lag?
  14. zubheir

    Reasonable ADSL package for gaming on ps3 or ps4?

    Hi Guys. Im looking for an affordable and decent adsl package about 4mbps line capped or uncapped. There are a few that Ive seen but I wanted a few tips from people who have existing lines. Let me me Know whats worth it