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    Advice on switching career path

    Hi Man Im 33 and not so long ago I was asking myself the very same questions while I cannot give you your answers fully I decided to stay and change a few things that seemed to help me. I can share those. I agree on ith the above sentiment so it's something you are going to have to deal with...
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    Reasonable price for Wordpress implimentation?

    Well there a lot of factors here, yes some a kid can whoop up a site in 3 hours. But here are the questions: WordPress themes by nature have terrible UX design, is this person going to fix that? Is also very bloated even the so-called best themes... slowing your site down costing you...
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    Anyone here that works at 1-grid?

    I left them long ago they used to be great until they split into hosting and an ISP. Then went to Afrihost... where I had a similar issue mail gone, they restored the website forgot the database couldn't find it leaving me to have to find it. I really don't know how they get their ratings from...
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    My Fibre experience with Vumatel and Afrihost

    bad service for hosting, our team had to direct them how to set up their own 'Managed' cloud hosting. After a week of dealing with different people each seeming to follow their own protocol, we decided to cancel. They charged us anyway for something we never used. No apologies nothing. A cheeky...
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    Programming website list

    My 2 cents here: <--fanatical programmers be warned. :)
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    Covid impact in the digital marketing industry.

    Hi Guys this may belong in the covid thread wasn't sure but my question is specific to this industry. After the first wave, I thought to myself that it would only serve to increase if anything the amount of work out there as everybody is looking to get online, the second time around what we are...
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    Software Development languages in SA, now and the future.

    Im so glad somebody said it. I think we have more language growth and options than we have ever had in regards to programming. Sure i know Pythons been around but now its trending.... I love how nobody talks php in this thread. The future of the majority of the web will belong to wordpress and...
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    Moving need advice for new internet and router

    So the time has come once again to move, we have a telkom adsl line with a aztech 700 router, most horrible experience ever, i hear people talking about places like border internet and so forth providing services that far surpass telkom and for much less. ( not that i think thats a challenge )...