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    Where to buy 4x Pi 4 B locally Ordered and delivered to JHB the very next day.
  2. J anyone? Are they legit?

    Have you gone to their offices? - go throw your toys
  3. J anyone? Are they legit?

    It's my first buy from them, ordered an Inverter which was in stock. Ordered it on Thursday and was delivered today. Given, they are difficult to get a hold off via telephone but reply to emails pretty quick.
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    Where to buy custom blinds

    Hi guys Can anyone recommend a store in Johannesburg or online to buy custom blinds? Somewhere that is inexpensive please.
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    Compliment to Geewiz online shopping

    Agreed. Great work guys.
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    Hardware Bargains - Open Thine Wallet

    Minutes later after an aggressive feud of rock paper scissors, only one exited the winner. Being the peacemaker he was, he buyers another one bringing that total to R209 (including delivery). Conclusion, should have bought 1 for yourself.
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    Hardware Bargains - Open Thine Wallet

    Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop - White Thought I'd...
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    How to import from GearBest and more

    Thanks. I chose priority because I read it uses Aramex. Anything is better than Airmail I guess.
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    How to import from GearBest and more

    Is Priority line shipping simlar to Buffalo shipping? Looking to buy this Xiaomi Universal Smart Remote.
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    (S) Samsung HT-C555 Home Theatre System

    Item: HDMI Digital Optical USB IPOD RCA Video Remote Control Original Wiring DVD DivX video formats 5.1 channel 2 Front tower speakers 2 Rear tower speakers 1 center speaker 1 Subwoofer Age: 2+ years Price: R2 000 Warranty: N/A Packaging...
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    Hisense Q8600 Thread

    Anyone have a 65" Hisense UHD? I really want a 65" but wanted your thoughts.
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    Router Battery Backup

    Looking at buying the Gizzu to power my ONT and router. What else would I need? Eg. Cables What's the average battery life I can get out of it?
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    PC Link Computers: Legit?

    Update: Sent the guys a new email yesterday evening and Jaco replied this morning[emoji106]. Answered all my questions but main question was stock, which there was not.
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    PC Link Computers: Legit?

    Anyone used the collection method? If so, is it a retail shop? (having stock on display)
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    PC Link Computers: Legit?

    I'm still waiting for a stock query. Sent the email last week.
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    Where to buy a proper PC Desk?

    Go for the simple single desk look and use binder clips for cable management. Try Decofurn. I bought a 150cm with 75cm depth for R999. Desk is wide enough for 2 monitor and a laptop.
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    32 vs 27 IPS

    Sold both screens. Looking for one 32 or ultrawide.
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    32 vs 27 IPS

    ViewSonic VX3276-2K-MHD 32" WQHD Is this worth it? My hdmi on my laptop is probably only 1080p but I'm forward thinking for a PS5 late late later on, lol.
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    32 vs 27 IPS

    Thanks guys. My desk is 70cm in depth and yes, I don't normally sit all the way front (arb info) I guess I'm pretty much sold but what about the specs compared to my 27"? Also, I would love to actually see a 32" monitor to judge the size.
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    32 vs 27 IPS

    Before everyone jumps and votes for 32, lets consider the factors. I've recently bought a Dell 27 Monitor: SE2717H and have a secondary screen which is a Samsung 23 (going strong at 11 years). My PC isn't a beast, so I'm thinking of using my PS4. I didn't consider upgrading the 23 to 27, but...