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    ICASA announces new sport broadcasting regulations

    Bad day for Rugby to keep it's players in South Africa
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    These two South African-born billionaires are outperforming Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft

    Jou profile looked familiar and then I realise I followed all of your tech articles on Google plus and we had a similar opinion on religion.
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    TV White Spaces could greatly improve broadband in South Africa

    Ok great, continue talking while Elon musk covers rural South Africa with Starlink within 2 years
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    Twitter won't let American presidential candidates claim an early victory

    To avoid a repeat of an false narative before the release as per Mueller report. Social media should be restricted to avoid outside influence in US Election and made up stories by people who are not held accoutable for the truth
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    Twitter won't let American presidential candidates claim an early victory

    As per my previous post, Malema will not break the parliament but it is just sad that he tries to and that they get support. Just replace Malema with Trump and parliamant with election process
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    Twitter won't let American presidential candidates claim an early victory

    For me there is just so much parralels between Trump and Malema, both speaks to their base only, incites their supporters against those who do not look like them and to act f.... crazy, not to respect institutions and try to break the system which is based on respect i.e parliament, election...
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    Second hard lockdown rumours worry South Africans

    Yes, yes. Feels like everyone just ignores the data. The fact that our economy are much more open than 3 months ago has not impacted us so badly. The flattening is something that we can live with and our hospitals can handle. The whole purpose of the lockdown was to flatten the curve. We have...
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    DStv Streama set-top box launched

    I wonder if the joox app would become available for Android TV. Would love to play it
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    Facebook shares continue to fall

    You are correct it is political. Some politicians prefer to spread flat out lies and fabrications and his supporters believe everything like good sheep.
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    Mecer 1000va offline ups - mute beeping?

    As I am sitting here in my house with loadshedding I can now again feel like I am not in the hospital. Thanks to you and @MirageF1
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    If you don’t like watching videos on your phone, you are old

    Agree and also with sport their is the social aspect when watching with a group of people that will be lost on my phone
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    Skyworth Binge Android TV box

    Need to read SDS reply carefully to understand :) If you need a remote urgently the Adroid TV app remote could be a temporary solution.
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    Skyworth Binge Android TV box

    I have seen this with other TV Boxes.
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    Voip reliable enough for small business?

    Thanks Dillydog. My needs are very simple. Someone phones me I want to hear that person clearly - maybe 3-4 calls a day. I make about 2 calls a day. I had a SNOM phone many years ago in my previous corporate life. and I liked it. My desktop PC is connected via wireless to the router. Can I...
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    Voip reliable enough for small business?

    Let me resurrect this thread. I want to move over to VOIP (Vox fibre and Vox VOIP), so that part should be ideal. My question relates to the hardware. Currently I have a single wireless DECT phone that work lekker for me at my small office. I see on gumtree a lot of second hand SNOM 320 etc...
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    Google is building a subsea cable from Europe to Cape Town

    Just think 10 years ago where SA was served with a choice between Telkom ADSL and Telkom ADSL and the one Sat3 cable for international connection. Used to get local only access so much cheaper.
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    Bitcoin is looking increasingly like it did at its highest points

    The only rule about BC Club is to admit that you do not really know what it will do.
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    DStv censorship fight over "double standards"

    I am 100% where you are. Slippery road when you start to censor.
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    Delay forces Ramaphosa to push back Cabinet announcement

    Nobody mentions the timing of the PP release of the rapport. Just before CR must appoint his cabinet. It shows just her partiality. She needs to get out of that position. We have seen the importance of this office the past couple of years and she is tarnishing it.