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    Wordpress sites has virus/malware.

    I have a couple of small wordpress websites that is on a shared hosting site and they seem all to be infected. I do not have the expertise to remove it. What is my options? My hosting provider advise to talk to web developer.
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    Android Media Player (transfer files to External HDD)

    I had a WD Live player with my HDD attached to it (and connected to my router). With this setup I was always able to see my HDD from my phone using ES Explorer so that I can copy files directly from my phone to my HDD and visa versa) I recently bought an Android 5.0.1 Media Player and cannot...
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    Movies not on DSTV

    How can one determined if movies that is released will end up (or not) on the DSTV Movie channels a year later?
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    Snom webinterface

    Hello, can anyone tell me if it is possible (and then also how) to gain access to the setup/phonebook of a snom 320 phone. The telephone is connected via a company network and then my laptop is connected via the network cable from the phone to my laptop. I have entered the IP address from the...
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    Proteas - ODI Record

    An article at cricinfo ( that makes for some good reading. Maybe we must just have a second of silence - nothing more! - for the originators of the game.:D Seems SA is by far the most difficult place for a touring team to...
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    Voipraider - no more free telkom calls

    I just noticed that the free calls to SA landlines has come to an end. :mad:Just to make matters worse I noticed that none of the other betamax sites offer free calls to SA anymore. Ag, well was good when it lasted. Voipraider still remain cheap for landline calls even in when here. Was a few...