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  1. Demavend

    Help needed getting 012-number landline phone to work with fibre

    Yes, Telkom is my ISP. It looks like I will have to try and get them to send out a technician.
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    Help needed getting 012-number landline phone to work with fibre

    Hi guys. I am not sure if this is the correct forum category for this question. If not please let me know where I should post it. Telkom has ended our copper landline service about two weeks ago, telling us that we need to use fibre now for our 012-number home phone calls. They didn't provide...
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    Clicks apologise for ‘racially insensitive’ hair campaign

    Just for interest's sake, Jesus would have had a Mediterranean Semitic appearance and they can look pretty close to white Europeans. You can find Lebanese and Israelis etc. that don't look too different from your average Southern European. Additionally, people imagine their deities in their own...
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    Clicks apologise for ‘racially insensitive’ hair campaign

    In general I agree that people should not apologize when accusations against them are truly baseless, frivolous and opportunistic grifting. Of course the adverts were not intentionally racist... They just unfortunately visually communicated their message in a way that can be intentionally...
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    Clicks apologise for ‘racially insensitive’ hair campaign

    I guess we can call this American cultural influence. Look at how democrat governors and mayors fell over their feet to appease the BLM protesters and rioters. Many district attorneys won't even prosecute rioters arrested for assaulting police and damaging property because of the critical race...
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    Clicks apologise for ‘racially insensitive’ hair campaign

    A bit clumsy and obtuse of Clicks to have released these images, considering the current zeitgeist of outrage that all diverse countries are plagued with. The apology and demands the EFF is now making of Clicks are too extreme though. They want everyone who was involved in any capacity with the...
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    Protest against Koran-burning turns violent in Sweden

    They should not provoke Muslims into violence by desecrating and insulting the things they hold dear. Those Muslims were invited into Sweden and they are there to stay. Their whole lives are in Sweden now. A better expenditure of time and energy would be to demand an end to further immigration...
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    Mthethwa asks SA Rugby to take action after eight players refuse to bend the knee in support of BLM in England

    Yes. If you don't kneel you will be stigmatized at best; criminally prosecuted at worst, since "racism" is now officially illegal in RSA. What qualifies as racism is at the discretion of the judge. It's basically a form of thoughtcrime. It's punishing people based on the conjecture that their...
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    Mthethwa asks SA Rugby to take action after eight players refuse to bend the knee in support of BLM in England

    No one should be forced to kneel or prostrate themselves for an ideology under threat of termination of employment or even criminal charges, no matter how noble the ideology is purported to be. We need to be careful. "Racism" is illegal in RSA without there even being a consensus on the scope...
  10. Demavend

    'Pressure is not having a job', says Springbok boss Erasmus

    Motivation is key, of course. However, I've seen many articles projecting politics on this victory, claiming that the South African players were superior to the English because we played in the name of diversity and acceptance and to give hope to South African race relations, while the English...
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    Telkom proactively replacing ADSL with fibre

    So if all the fibre lines are placed by Telkom, why do some other service providers offer cheaper fibre packages than Telkom? We currently have the R700 per month 10mbs 100gb cap Telkom Fibre package and want to switch to a similar package by Mweb which costs R300 less and is uncapped.
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    The DA is in total crisis.

    For the DA to improve their standing among whites, they can stop trying to be the fanatical anti-racism bell-goats. That incident where they started a witch hunt against a primary school ( I can't remember the name of the school) after a video emerged taken inside a first grade classroom on the...
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    Eben Etzebeth taking SAHRC to court - report

    I don't know if Eben said and did what he is being accused of, but I know two things for sure: 1- Someone is innocent until proven guilty and the media should be ashamed of themselves for constantly reporting on this story. EVERY SINGLE NIGHT the news features a story on this as if Eben has...
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    Protester Spits On Trump Supporter During Interview at Minneapolis Rally

    It sounds to me like you live such a comfortable and boring life that you mentally transform a person you disagree with on some issues into some kind of Hitlerian, enemy-of-all-of-humanity type figure. You know what, you don't need to hallucinate evil. There is plenty of it in the form of...
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    So now you have sports drinks for gamers

    I had a dream a few years ago in which I saw Razer branded 'Gamer Vitamins' in an online store. A cool looking, matt-black rubbarized pill bottle with bright green soft gel capusules inside, with the Razer logo on the lid. The dream felt so real that after waking I believed the vitamins were...
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    'I don't hate Afrikaans' - Panyaza Lesufi

    This is correct. The prospect of a long term future for Afrikaans and Afrikaners as a distinct group doesn't look that great, if one considers the shrinking Afrikaner population as a result of emigration, low birthrates, a percentage of Afrikaners choosing to raise their children English and...
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    'I don't hate Afrikaans' - Panyaza Lesufi

    Are you saying that it is the responsibility of Afrikaners to create textbooks in the other official languages? Well, if it will help to ensure that Afrikaans remains a language of instruction then I will encourage Afrikaans people to start writing African-language textbooks. "A lot of schools...
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    Red Dead redemption 2

    I heard that narrative wise RDR2 is really great, but gameplay wise it feels a bit frustrating and archaic. Do you agree with this?
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    'I don't hate Afrikaans' - Panyaza Lesufi

    Firstly, to address the questions about why there is resistance to having traditional Afrikaans schools switch to multiple language instruction: It is a potential slippery slope towards English-only instruction. Once a school has English and Afrikaans or even Zulu and Sepedi classrooms, there...
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    Cyberpunk 2077

    If I were you I'd buy from GoG. That way CD Projekt Red gets all your money and I think they deserve it, not only because the game will no doubt be great, but because of how constantly under attack CDPR is from the crazy woke games journalists over at sites like Polygon, Kotaku, Resetera...