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    U.S. Politics

    Biden stuns political and legal experts by weighing in on Derek Chauvin verdict before jury makes decision It is becoming more likely that Chauvin will be a free man when this case goes on appeal.
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    Worrying data shows South Africa’s economic recovery is slowing down

    Unfortunately, with the ANC in power, there will never be any recovery in the economy either. All their policies are killing the economy and will continue to do so.
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    New data shows how wealth has been destroyed in South Africa over the last 10 years

    1. EWC 2. NHI 3. AA 4. BEE 5. ANC 6. Bad labour laws 7. Trade unions Here are some of the reason why those with money are fleeing South Africa. Many, many more are still about to leave SA when travel restrictions are lifted.
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    "We want our diamonds back!" : Mbusiyseni Ndlozi

    All diamonds found in South Africa basically belongs to the Brits in any event.
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    U.S. Politics

    True, but without blanket surveillance, you can never expect better security. It is all about making a decision about odds.
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    U.S. Politics

    Look, you are right. But, this does not mean you keep the borders open or lift any bans. You close your borders down tight and you keep all bans in place. Then you make your intelligence bigger, empower them more and ramp up spying on people, monitoring of all electronic communications or phone...
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    U.S. Politics

    Trump calls for Biden to reinstate foreign travel ban to keep US 'safe from radical Islamic terrorism' Trump is wrong. The enemy is walking across the open borders. All the people...
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    U.S. Politics

    He is only a big mouth....
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    U.S. Politics

    Take a look at my posts again and show me a single post where I ever looked for a reason to justify his actions. He was wrong. He crossed the line of criminality and there is no doubt about that, no matter the suspect he arrested. Unfortunately, however, a politician have placed the whole case...
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    U.S. Politics

    Bookmark this too... All 9 minutes has become irrelevant when politicians used threats of violence in the even of an acquittal in the media. Whether the jurors were told not to watch the news is irrelevant. The appeal is coming up.
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    Major strikes planned for South Africa – including one that could cut off water supply

    The problem is, when you put drug dealers in charge of the country, do you think they will stop the drug trade or prosecute themselves? The ANC is 100% in the same boat. It is a criminal organization and they have proven this already. Think they care or will prosecute themselves? We need to...
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    U.S. Politics

    He will be convicted now. The jury was intimidated, so they will not look at all facts. The appeal will be a different matter. They have more than sufficient evidence showing that political influence came from government and threats of organized riots by Government officials. There is no way an...
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    U.S. Politics

    You are about to be taught a real lesson in legal processes.
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    U.S. Politics

    It changes nothing.
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    U.S. Politics

    Normally I would simply ignore a post / reply like this and just move on. But, in this case, let me quickly tell you something, he is not my hero. He committed a crime, I believe the State had a strong case against him and I was convinced that he would have gone to jail. In fact, I am very...
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    Would you keep wearing a mask?

    Have they not criminalized not wearing a mask in public?
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    U.S. Politics

    Not even needed. A simple conviction by the jury is more than enough. The defence can simply claim they all convicted after Maxine Waters threatened with public violence. It is game over. Chauvin may be convicted here, but he is a free man on appeal.
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    South Africa to spend R43 billion a year on free university education: minister

    If they wanted to use the same 'heritage fund' as Zuma wanted to use to finance this, I am afraid the fund has been stolen dry. I do suspect that there will not be sufficient tax revenue going forward to finance this idea.
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    Samwu against City of Cape Town's decision to dismiss 525 firefighters following unlawful strike

    I do not care what SAMWU is for or against. If these people were indeed involved in an illegal strike, as emergency workers, fire them all. They deserve to be unemployed. Find new people, train and employ them to replace the striking workers. If SAMWU lead these people into an illegal strike...
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    Samwu against City of Cape Town's decision to dismiss 525 firefighters following unlawful strike