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    Cell C reveals its big turnaround plan

    Diversity has been shown to improve revenue and profits. Here are some references: - -...
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    Permanent load-shedding is needed for a year - Expert

    When Eskom board members get an Electrical Engineering Degree and understand what is happening, then only can statements like this be "honest".
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    Load shedding Stage 6: 18:00 - 23:00 [2019/12/09] Monopolies are the problem! Whether they are private or public sector companies.
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    UK Labour party pledges to nationalise much of BT if elected

    A key policy of the Labour party ahead of the UK general election next month is to make broadband ‘free’ by nationalising Openreach.
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    Discovery Vitality members can earn a Huawei Band 2 Pro

    Other than the comments from Apogee, Discovery does not take into account the reliability of these devices. On some of these devices that heart rate monitors do not work properly after a while. The "Up to 50% cash back for achieving weekly Vitality Active Rewards goals over 24 consecutive...
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    BUSINESS INSIDER | TECH Elon Musk says people need to work around 80 hours per week to change the world

    Here's another Business Insider article - In case you did not know, Carlos Slim Helu is currently the 7th richest person in the World. "Slim's vision for the ideal employee career path involves shorter hours but...
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    IBM to aquire Red Hat

    SUSE is still German.
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    Discovery Vitality [2018]

    A gym visit is 100 points, irrespective of the duration.
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    Illegal to drive foreign car on SA roads?

    I friend of my returned to South Africa more than 10 years ago and brought the Passat he was driving with him. Alternatively, register the car in a neighboring country like Botswana or Swaziland.
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    Is zero rated when using a Vodacom SIM?

    I guess so. I can browse the Vodacom website with a SIM that has zero airtime.