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  1. Grant

    Girls rescued from burning school building
  2. Grant

    Here's to you Mr. Ramaphosa

    Hope springs eternal when living in the land of promise:
  3. Grant

    Iran slams US as huge crowds mark 40 years since revolution
  4. Grant

    Fuel delivery - Cape Town

    Anyone know of a local company that delivers fuel (diesel) for generators. I'm needing 100L deliveries
  5. Grant

    Five 'Hitler' paintings to go under hammer in Nuremberg
  6. Grant

    Pakistani nationals arrested for killing woman, dismembering her body
  7. Grant

    People of Cape Town, who to vote for ?

    So, in the past I have voted DA - no more. I am seeing a party lurch from crisis to crisis. I regularly have to deal with local govt & council - incompetence / complacency is rapidly setting in. My ward (atlantic seaboard) has been without a councilor for at least 6 months. I see a party who's...
  8. Grant

    Russia jails Dane for six years in Jehovah's Witnesses purge
  9. Grant

    Uber - download full statement of all trips

    Is there an option to download a statement of all trips. I am only seeing an option of downloading receipts for individual trips
  10. Grant

    Signal hill on fire again (jan2019)

    And fire season in the city begins:
  11. Grant

    MYBROADBAND - a nanny state ?

    The ANC was an organisation with a noble cause - however all that now remains of Africa's great liberation movement is the slim pickings on a rotting carcass. MyBroadband started off the same - "activists" taking Telkom on - but what has become of MyBroadband, is it now also the carcass of what...
  12. Grant

    People of Gauteng

    Houghton, Hurlingham, Bryanston, Khyber Rock pls rank these from most desirable to least
  13. Grant

    Family ‘extremely’ worried after Muizenberg woman's disappearance
  14. Grant

    Almost 500 migrants brought back to Libya after foiled attempts to reach Italy
  15. Grant

    MP4 repair using mac

    not sure what exactly what or why it happened, but video was being recorded using an android phone - camera app crashed. the file is named blablabla.mp4.tmp (size is about 1.4gb) renaming to blablabla.mp4 does not help no media player is able to play the file seems to be a header issue any...
  16. Grant

    MyBroadband Newsletter popup

    i am so so tired of closing this thing on various devices. i notice there is only a "subscribe" - not a no thanks option, hence this damn thing keeps returning. how do i kill it ?
  17. Grant

    DRC Presidential Motorcade

    this is a bit like a badly choreographed pantomime
  18. Grant

    Suspected killers of elderly Ottery couple caught on neighbours security footage
  19. Grant

    Anyone here live in Glenwood / Berea ?

    I am going to be travelling to and spending quite a bit of time in Dbn this year. I used to live there and sam very familiar with the place. Long story short, I'm looking to buy in one of 3 buildings: Inverness - South Ridge Rd (top of south ridge rd, glenwood side of tollgate bridge) Hyde...