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    EXPOSED: The Unisa employee who manufactures fake news to divide SA

    EXPOSED: The Unisa employee who manufactures fake news to divide SA Unisa staffer who manufactures fake news could face criminal, hate speech charges IN-DEPTH: Unisa staffer's friend accidentally identifies himself in fake news fightback Seems William Mahaltse Ramatseba and his sister Grace...
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    They don’t want me to be president, says Gigaba

    They don’t want me to be president, says Gigaba Dunning-Kruger effect much:sleep:
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    ASSIA upped my ADSL2+ speed to 24959kbps.

    My ADSL2+ connection has been a bit up and down since August, which coincidently was a couple of weeks after I upgraded from 10Mb to 20Mb. We have had ADSL forever with no issues until now... I logged a fault and someone contacted me from Telkom and reset my 20Mb line to 20479 and Fastpath and...
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    Southern Suburbs - internet up the pole?

    Hi there. Was curious if its its just our exchange having issues, Southern Suburbs, Cape Town on 021704.... Problems started around a month ago with intermittent resets, with fluctuating and often poor downstream SNR margins. I reported these issues and the Telkom technician could find no...
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    Emoluments Attachment Order threat on me for my domestic servant

    /Grrrrr on Debt collectors coupled with Attorneys seeking a Emoluments Attachment Order is enough to make my blood boil. :mad::mad: I have a small business of 16 employees plus 2 domestics that work in our home. From time to time you get these phone calls out of the blue of people trying...
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    Corporate Credit Card Fraud - Google

    Friendly warning to people with Corporate Credit Cards (possibly other cards too) check all charges for the last couple of months for Google Cc as they are fraudulent transactions and contact your bank immediately. I would never have noticed these charges had there not been some...
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    Angolan Civil War, Namibian Independence, Border War, Cuban Intervention in Angola.

    Good day. :) I have started this thread because of a suggestion that the content originally posted within the thread entitled Article: Outrage after FW de Klerk CNN interview is seemingly lost, slightly off topic in that thread and should be moved to its own thread with its own title and...
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    City adopts new Traffic Bylaw

    City adopts new Traffic Bylaw City of Cape Town Traffic Bylaw 2011 PDF Download Wow, did not know this was in the making. In theory this should normalise the Taxis in the Metro. I notice they have included excessive loud music and hooters in the legislation, long overdue which was...
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    84 killed in Libya protests - rights group

    84 killed in Libya protests - rights group Gadaffi faces challenge to four decades of rule See also: Article: Beleagured Gaddafi buries head in sand; 14 dead Gaddafi calls for United States of Africa, one army African Union makes terrifying choice of leader Gaddafi: Dissolve...
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    New Toyota Piranha

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    Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie

    Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie An Effective, Low-Cost Solution To Combating Mind-Control Instead of donning my tin hat each time, I can now use this new beanie. :D
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    What Banks charge Merchants for commission on Credit and Debit Cards

    Spawned from another thread on Banking Charges to the public here, I thought a separate topic on the subject would be appropriate. The consumer might not know or be concerned about what rate of commission a Merchant pays to the Bank every month for credit and debit card transactions, but that...
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    Thorium: The fuel of the future?

    Thorium: The fuel of the future?
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    Mrs Mugabe allegedly punches photographer

    Mrs Mugabe allegedly punches photographer Temper, temper little girl. Unless the Journalist was blatantly trespassing on the hotel property and I mean inside Mrs Mugabe's room, there is no excuse for violence.
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    Manuel asks for R24bn more

    Manuel asks for R24bn more
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    Shuttleworth: Microsoft Does Not Want War

    Shuttleworth: Microsoft Does Not Want War
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    Zimbabwe 2008 Presidential Election Results. Go figure.

    Zimbabwe: 2008 Presidential election results - first round Voting statistics-First Round Registered voters 5 934 768 Total votes 2 537 240 % Turnout 42.75% Valid votes 2 497 265 Spoilt ballots 39 975 % Spoilt ballots 1.58%...
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    Dubai firm 'may own half the city'

    Dubai firm 'may own half the city' A bit of an exaggeration I guess, but adds fuel to whole Waterfront Development come City Bowl and 2010 Stadium Development. Just about all the Development is now concentrated on the City Centre. The rest of Cape Town will have to wait post 2012 or...
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    Zimbabwe violence ‘shocks’ SA generals

    Zimbabwe violence ‘shocks’ SA generals Shaken, but not stirred to do anything?:rolleyes: All the evidence is there. From 2002 and before. Zimbabwe is a Vampire State. If Mbeki fails to act now he will be seen to be sponsoring State Violence in our neighbouring state - not like we haven't told...