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  1. Polymathic

    MyBB Political Bias

    Based on the data from A More Accurate Political Leaning Test thread I've made a distribution graph showing the distribution of Conservative minded people vs liberal minded people Highlighted in blue is the distribution of who would you class as political centrist scoring between 40 - 60%...
  2. Polymathic

    Facebook's New Non-Discrimination Advertising Policy

    I just received an email from Facebook . Looking at how vague this is almost all ads can be classified as discriminatory
  3. Polymathic

    Canon Unveils the EOS RP, the Smallest and Lightest Full-Frame EOS
  4. Polymathic

    A More Accurate Political Leaning Test

    According to the Political Compass Thread the vast majority of people here lean heavy on the liberal/libertarian side that doesn't seem right. Here's a test that predicts your political leaning based on your personality. (It's based on scientific evidence)...
  5. Polymathic

    Any Afrikaaners raising their kids English?

    So not that long ago I was talking a lady who I always assumed was Afrikaans on the account that her surname was Afrikaans. I asked her an Afrikaans related question and she told me if fact cannot speak Afrikaans even a little, she told some story about her father but honestly I wasn't really...
  6. Polymathic

    Are there any pre-industrial age towns outside the western cape

    The other day I was thinking about how hideous Durban Neighborhoods are compared to Cape Town. Some places the hills are so high they basically are like Alpine Neighborhoods yet it lacks the Alpine charm you find in CT. I suspect is because unlike the Cape Town which was founded in the 1600s...
  7. Polymathic

    Would you kill baby Hitler?

    This baby grows up to be responsible for the deaths of Around 6 million Jews; using broadest definition, 17 million victims overall. The question is would you kill baby Hitler to save the lives of millions of people?
  8. Polymathic

    Restaurants Which Have Custom Menu Items

    Hi guys could you direct me to restaurants that allow to Custom Menu items, like the way Rocomamas allows you construct your own burger from a selection of options. Preferably restaurants in and around Durban. Thanks
  9. Polymathic

    Could a community shut down a business

    For some reason somebody has opened quarry in what is essentially a residential area, it's on the main road slightly away from houses but it sits between 2 Neighborhoods, now the main road has to crap with sand everywhere and trucks blocking traffic and the real reason I want them out is that...
  10. Polymathic

    The 500ml buddy is back baby!

    For a limited time.
  11. Polymathic

    Anti-Semitism is really woke these days

    So I caught a CNN special report on the growing trend anti-semitism in Europe and to my surprise they actually acknowledged the growing anti-semitism amongst the far left. I also remember stories about British Labour MPs making anti-semetic statements. Then you have the Women's March movement...
  12. Polymathic

    I've spotted Pre-Paid Netflix Cards Builders Warehouse of all places .
  13. Polymathic

    Visiting the maximum countries in limited time.

    This may be due to the fact that I've recently got my yearly report from Google of where they tracked me over 2018, I was disappointed to find out that according to them I have only visited 7 cities over the past year. I really want to change this and I really want to over compensate. Initially...
  14. Polymathic

    Can I Get Arrested For Other People's Racist Comments..

    . .on my Facebook Page, YouTube Channel etc? There is already a precedent (is this the right spelling?) of people getting arrested and charged for comments other people made in WhatsApp Groups .
  15. Polymathic

    Post Your Phone's "Up Time"

    Mine is 1086 Hours. You should find it in the Phone Status Menu Funny enough it felt like was a couple weeks ago when I had to hard reboot my phone for something.
  16. Polymathic

    Not sure of Telkom Technician trying something Funny

    So I've so my Telkom line has been dead for like a month. So the other day Telkom Technician came buy to the house and tested my Jack and confirmed it was dead. Now I looked at my Jack out of frustration and things dont look right. It doesn't look like the jack is wired in and there only a...
  17. Polymathic

    Can I buy data with free airtime?

    So I've got free airtime the last time I topped up my prepaid sim which expired tomorrow. Can I buy data with this airtime with it or is it just for calls?
  18. Polymathic

    Watch: The Funniest Ads Of 2018

  19. Polymathic

    Who is Light Fibre Laying Fibre for On N2?

    The past couple months there's been fibre layed along the N2 South of Durban. A couple weeks ago while driving past a work site where they were installing the actual fibre optic cables, there was a vehicle with the Light Fibre Logo on it. Today on my off ramp I've noticed again several off these...
  20. Polymathic

    Feminist Tries To "MeToo" God :ROFL: That's the problem with having an anthropomorphic deity.