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    New TV to replace HU8500 or possible repair - Some advice?

    Hi all, Seems like this afternoon's storm in my area took out a couple of my electronics, but didn't quite total my tv. While I was actually watching some Netflix, the lightning struck and seems to have hit my ethernet port on the tv. Is it possible for Samsung repair centres to fix the...
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    Stolen iPhone

    Hi all, Wonder if anyone can help. My brothers phone was stolen on Friday. We did all the iCloud actions, play a sound, lost mode etc etc. After hearing nothing we blocked the sim card today. I recently got a notification from Apple: ****, Your lost iPhone 7 Plus Silver has been located today...
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    Fourways and others 40mbps Upgrade?? Prices??

    Just to wonder, I am in one of the areas which are being upgraded to 40mbps, and I have seen a few new fibre cabinets going up!!! When do you think this project will be finished?? What will the prices be?? Regards Oliver