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    Book Name Needed in English Class in 94-96

    Howdy people. Any one remember the book you read in English class in Std 9-10 in 1994-1996 about? I was in Pretoria (so don't know about other provinces). I remember this book which we did , about war and it played of in Kuala Lampur. The guy was suppose to be executed but saved because...
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    SAOL Clients.. Question about the speed today

    Hi SAOL people.. My nntp speeds are bad. I'm on the uncapped option. I have checked with Telkom ISP account, works 100%. But the SOAL nntp speed is slow (4-5kbs). Looks like http is fine.. Anyone else?
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    Wow, free game

    This is a first in SA history (for me) I bought Metro 2033 from Received the package today and I see a sticker on the cover say "Free Red Faction Guerrilla". I thought.. yea.. right. You have to post x to USA to get a download copy etc... Open the package, there is the RFG...
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    Best website ever !!! LOL LOL LOL Visit it!!!
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    Got this from Kalahari in email..

    Does it look "funny" to you? Because it does to me...
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    Mweb cost? WTF!!!!

    Ok This is just insane.. I have 1Gig ADSL account (R145) but I see that this month i get billed (in the billing page) R261.80. They added : 06/05/08 ADSL Usage Charge R 116.80 which gives you R 261.80 . WTF!!!!!!!!!!! What the hell is the ADSL Usage charge? I had this account...