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    MSC Cruise dinner dress code

    We're booked for a 4 night cruise next month and are a bit confused w.r.t. the dinner dress codes. I have heard that the dress code for dinner is formal with a jacket. Or is this only for the Captain's Dinner / Ball? What about the dress codes for kids? The only long pants my one son has is...
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    Tangney Tours Claremont, Cape Town

    Have anyone used Tangney Tours for an overseas pilgrimage? My mom used them a couple of years ago on a tour to the Holy Lands, and is looking to go on another tour / pilgrimage next year. I cannot get hold of them on their old number. Anyone have any contact details other than 021 6830300?
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    Bsc Informatics (Cape Town)

    My son is interested in applying for Bsc Informatics for next year 2020. Which institutions of study in would be recommended in Cape Town? Would it be recommended to study this course at Unisa if you are fresh out of school? And is this course at Unisa only distance learning?
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    Durban Beachfront Accommodation

    Please recommend a decent hotel or B&B to stay at for 1 night before embarking on a cruise. We are a family of 5. Preferbly something close (approx. 3 to 5 km) to the port/harbour. We are only going end of March, but I would like to secure accomodation as soon as possible. Thanks.
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    Time to get from Durban port to airport

    We are disembarking a MSC cruise at Durban Harbour/Port 29 March. How much time would it take for us to travel to Durban airport? Would booking a 10h30 flight be too early? The later flights have higher premiums. Any experience with disembarking the MSC Musica? How would it take if the boat...
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    Best time to book flights?

    I need to book flights for my family from Cpt to Durban 24 March returning 29 March. How long before the time could I get the best price? I checked prices yesterday and today, and it is 15% more expensive today.
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    Crayfish tails

    How do I clean crayfish tails? I'm going to steam them. Is there any cleaning I need to do before the time? I heard there is a "worm" I need to remove. Is that only in the whole crayfish or in the tails also? Thanks.
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    Vodacom Lenovo Core i7 Specs

    Hi all, does anyone know the specs of the Lenovo Core i7 Laptop that Vodacom has on its data bundle contract?
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    Samsung Wireless Chargers

    Which Samsung Wireless Charger would be best suited to charge my S8? How does the convertible one compare to the stand charger? Does the convertible come standard with a wall plug and charger cable? And if it doesn't, is it the new type C plug or older lighning connector? TIA
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    MSC Cruise from Durban advice

    We're planning to go on a cruise from Durban to Portuguese Islands and Pomene early next year. Anyone have good experiences with booking through travel agents. We're looking for the agent to book the cabins and flights from Cape Town. What happens at the 2 stops? Do you disembark and...
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    Capitec Bank offline

    Capitec Bank is currently offline. Anyone have any official info about this? All ATM withdrawals, fund transfers, POS declined. The call centre says they have a country wide problem.
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    Cheapest Prepaid Data

    My 200Gb Cell C data sim will expire in 2 weeks time. Any other decent pre-paid data bundles? I usually use about 20Gb to 30Gb per month. The sim will be in a mobile router. Are there any better deals around than the current Cell C ones? R1100 for 50Gb. R1600 for 100Gb. R2000 for 200Gb.
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    Driver's & Motor Vehicle License questions

    Hi all, just a few random questions regarding driver's & MV licenses. * To renew for your driver's license do you take with a proof of address? * Does one apply at the Traffic Department? Can I apply at Kuilsriver Traffic Department, or must I go to Green Point? * Does your New Driver's...
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    Blockchain Unconfirmed Transaction

    I sent btc from Luno to Bittrex yesterday at 7am and it still shows pending in Bittrex. If I check the transaction ID on Blockchain it shows Unconfirmed Transaction. I also see confirmations 0/2. Should I be worried? Or should I get hold of support? It is a transaction of >1btc. A...
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    Jaxx Wallet

    I read up a few guys are having trouble with Jaxx Wallet. Lets all keep all hints and tips in here for future reference. Resolved issue: I had a problem with Jaxx a few weeks ago where I Shapeshift some BTC to Golem. I contacted Shapeshift and Jaxx. It took about 2 weeks to resolve the issue...
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    Offer to Purchase validity period

    We have signed a sole mandate with an agent to sell our property. He brought us an offer which was valid for 30 days which ended 25 May. There is a clause in the OTP stating if the Purchaser doesn't acquire finance within the OTP validity period, he has an automatic 14 day extension. 6 weeks is...
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    Cross polo tyre replacement

    I just noticed a weird crack around the wall of my driver side tyre. It's almost as if it was damaged while driving with a flat wheel. The tyre size is an odd one. It's 215/40R17 and to replace with the same tyre would cost R1900. Should I consider getting 2 x 205/40R17 for the same price...
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    Estate Agent fees

    Hi all, I need some advice regarding the sale of our house. 2 weeks ago I started advertising my house on Gumtree and a few Facebook for sale groups. I had numerous agents contacting me asking to help with the marketing or they have people looking for houses in our area, etc. I give them the...
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    Vodacom Business upgrade & device balance on old contract

    I've done an early upgrade in Feb 2015 and was on a normal personal Smart L package with a 24 month device installment. My company took over my line and transferred it to a Vodacom Business account sometime last year. I have 2 queries. 1. I cannot get any info from Vodacom Business as to when...
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    Journey Gold T-904B Class A/B 4ch Amplifier

    Item name (be very descriptive): Journey Gold T-904B Class A/B 4ch Amplifier Age and condition: New Do you include packaging: Yes Warranty: Yes Reason for selling: No need for it anymore Price: R2750 Negotiable: Yes Location: Eerste River, Cape Town Shipping or collection: Either at...