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  1. Kosmik

    200 "students" hold 150 patrons hostage at university theater.

    While I'm not one for Facebook news, this was posted by the two actors running the show and details the steps the theatre will take to shift the show, some pics in the link as well. COMMON AND CLASS HELD HOSTAGE. This is a true story - last night 200 striking students held over 150 people...
  2. Kosmik

    Who remembers..... Super Trumps!

    So my kids walk in this morning and say ," Hey daddie, look at these! " . They managed to find my old SuperTrumps Jet pack! I believe there are still some around today but this set I got when I was in Std 1 ( Grade 3 in the new system ) , probably around '87. Also had the tank pack which I've...
  3. Kosmik

    Duplicate official News posts

    Hi @rpm and team, Can we consider having single forum posts with multiple article links? For example the recent forum ones on fuel
  4. Kosmik

    TPLink Time Load Balancing Guide with B315 LTE Routers

    Ok so quite a few folks have asked about my home setup with time based routing, so here's a brief guide. I may update as I go so please bear with me. The Need: Cost is obviously a factor for folks these days and I wanted to see how best I can leverage my bang for buck. ADSL became a pain with...
  5. Kosmik

    Rain Uncapped - No Data 6/9/2018?

    So anyone else getting rain offline on uncapped tonight?
  6. Kosmik

    [RANT] - Telkom keeping my Deposit after 12 years!

    I had a account opened in 2005 for a analogue line to get ADSL my new home at the time. As with all telkom new installations, a deposit of R700 was required. This was paid and the installation went ahead and I was a fixed line customer for many years until July this year and switching to LTE...
  7. Kosmik

    The Walking Dead (eps2)

    Only seen the Mygaming post for the original first eps. The second was released recently and is better than the first! If anyone is a fan of the series or comics this game is really a must play. Started eps 2 last night and played for two solid hours because I just couldn't stop. A very worthy...
  8. Kosmik

    Opposition to IVF and other forms of assisted reproduction.

    For the debaters, I came across articles the other day mentioning that some religious institutions have major issues with forms of assisted reproduction such as IVF and AI. As someone who has recently gone through such a process, I actually find that disturbing and rather vindictive. What are...
  9. Kosmik

    In-vito fertilisation (IVF) and Artificial Insemination (AI) knowledge

    Hi all, Did a search on the forum and not much came up on this topic. The wife and I are currently undergoing treatment in these fields. I know a few friends and even fellow forumites who have had difficulty and investigated these options and I'd just like to offer my personal experiences and...