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  1. cavedog

    Vodacom site Telkom cabinet left open

    Site ID: B2289 - Wierda South @ the corner of Theuns van Niekerk st and Escourt Ave, Wierdapark Centurion 0157. No one in sight and cabinet doors left open I was able to go in a snoop around so I'm sure it was not opened by contractors because they won't open it and leave it like that. Looks...
  2. cavedog

    InfoGro ISP feedback So I was just looking at ISP's and not sure how but stumbled on an old mybb article about InfoGro ISP. They have very decent pricing. They mainly focus on adsl/vdsl but also do Openserve fibre up to 100Mbps fibre. Scanning through their prices they offer an Openserve...
  3. cavedog

    Bloody CIT gun battle at Hlabisa leaves nine dead

    TWO policemen and seven cash-in-transit (CIT) robbers were killed in a gun battle during an attempted CIT robbery last night (Friday) near Hlabisa. One other woman was shot in the leg and is being treated in hospital. Members of the South African Police Service’s Special Task Force (STF) and...
  4. cavedog

    Telkom LTE frequency/bands

    So I have been seeing more and more towers getting refarmed 2100MHz frequency for LTE and have posted it before but just thought that a new thread with updated info would be nice for people searching. Telkom now has LTE on: Band 1 (2100MHz) Band 3 (1800MHz) Band 40 (2300MHz) Telkom runs LTE-A...
  5. cavedog

    VoLTE draining battery

    Ever since VoLTE just randomly got enabled a couple of months back I'm suffering with very poor battery life. 3 days ago VoLTE wasn't showing anymore and then by the time I get back from work at 5pm I still have like 40% left. Restarted the device today and now VoLTE is back and battery is...
  6. cavedog

    The milage thread

    Would be interesting to see what milage you have done on your car vs how many issue it's been giving if any during those kilometres. Opel Corsa lite. 196 000km still original just service with front struts tie rod ends and the timing belt changed. Engen still going strong. Saw a 2014 Toyota...
  7. cavedog

    Cellc C-Fibre on Openserve

    I've seen one or 2 threads about issues with cellc c-fibre. Same thing with MTN Supersonic. I recently got Supersonic 100Mbps on Openserve and it's been an absolute blast but I really want a 200Mbps connection mainly because I have been using Telkom LTE-A uncapped that gave me like 90Mbps...
  8. cavedog

    Afrihost security team asking for absurd amount of info

    So Afrihost just one day enabled OTP and I still had an old number linked to my account. I got stuck and everytime I request an email OTP by the time I get it it's already expired. The app was working fine until the need arised for me to change my billing details. I used the 250mb free mobile...
  9. cavedog

    MTN SuperSonic Feedback

    So Openserve went live on 24 December 2018. I placed my order with SuperSonic on 25 December 2018. SuperSonic called me on 27 December 2018 to confirm my order and Tell me I don't have coverage :rolleyes: so when I told him check Openserve website coverage confirmed and account created and moved...
  10. cavedog

    Thousands of people flock for the New years day beach picnic

    Record number of beach goers cause traffic delays of up to 2 hours for the new years day beach picnic hosted by The Last Dance and City of Umhlathuze at Alkantstrand beach in Richards Bay.
  11. cavedog

    How is your Holiday going?

    Having an absolute horrible holiday. Overheard a conversation between my sister and a friend asking if she feels comfortable having me watching my sisters kids when she's not around. I'm gay so I immediately knew the friend was thinking I'm some kind of phyco.... My mum burst into tears when I...
  12. cavedog

    Openserve options for 100 and 200Mbps

    Openserve is live at my area but my R529 p/m Telkom uncapped LTE is just too good and making my decision so much harder. ~ 80Mbps on my Telkom uncapped LTE so that means 100Mbps and 200Mbps is the only option I will really settle for if I get fibre installed. The list of ISPs are endless. I'm...
  13. cavedog

    Korean Fire noodles

    Anyone tried them? I ate them before. They are soooooo tasty but wow they are hot. I actually begged my mum when she was visiting to take me to the hospital. Found a place in Midrand selling them for R15 or R18 a packet. Very nice place that got lots of stuff for very reasonable prices actually.
  14. cavedog

    Huawei B525 and B618 VoLTE update

    New update was pushed to my router that enabled VoLTE on my B618.
  15. cavedog

    Dubai 7's

    So SA got they a$$ whipped by England.... They also lost against ARG yesterday :oops:
  16. cavedog

    Using Telkom B315 to connect to Rain Band 38

    @///MoH Actually tipped me off. Basically if you have a Telkom B315s-936 then you can force B38/41 on Rain by using one of the huawei band tools. Using the huawei_band_tool_v0.1 Run the .bat file I edited (LTE_2500_TDD_Rain_b38) to force the B315 to Band 41 which is actually a range from 2496...
  17. cavedog

    [VIDEO] Caught On Camera: Fatal Welkom Hijacking

    WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT] A man was shot and killed by two men in a parking lot in Welkom, Free State over the weekend. Police in the...
  18. cavedog

    Is after market replacement parts worth it

    So still driving an old Opel Corsa Lite 2006 model that was given to me by my parents as a gift and never wanted another car. 200 000km later and the Corsa is still going but needs a lot of attention it seems. I have quite a lot of tools actually and always maintain her myself so when I...
  19. cavedog

    Vodacom Summer Gigs promo

    *133# gets you in. What ever data usage you use from a paid for data bundle you get up to 100% free data to use the next day. The free data allocated is a daily bundle and will depend on the amount of data used. Some really good uses for this is buying the 1GB daily data bundle for R19 and get...
  20. cavedog

    Rain Fixed LTE usage stats issue

    So I have a secondary Fixed LTE sim from Mweb. Usage stats has been broken for like 1 week now. No way at all to see usage statistics at all. The stats from mweb and from all are incorrect. Now if I have to top up I have to phone the call centre and they request a top up...