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  1. AfricanTech

    Frogfoot Fibre: General Thread

    Not sure if there is a general thread for this provider - if there is, mod please merge. Edit: 1. Seems to be working now - Is anyone else having problems getting to their website as at 7 Feb 12h15? Working fine on Friday, today, nothing 2. Certificate expiry errors on the portal link that...
  2. AfricanTech

    Is dog slow for anyone else?

    Trying to access the website and it's as if I'm accessing it via Beltel? Other websites load just fine? Only me?
  3. AfricanTech

    Vodacom app (ios) down

    So, 1st of the month, monthly ritual, log in to app to convert Airtime to data....... Yep, monthly ritual intact It's almost as if having everyone's data expire at the same time leads to vodacom recharge infrastructure not coping when everyone tries to reload AT THE SAME TIME! Imagine if...
  4. AfricanTech

    Mafia Mod Sign up List

    Hear ye, hear ye Post you name in this thread I you want to mid a game. A. First come, first served B. Manage your own swaps if required I'll keep the list updated. 151. Dmnknight 155 Pho3nix 156 Datura 157 Grumpy 158 OutsiderZA 159 Sugarman
  5. AfricanTech

    Mafia Chat VI - 2017/3018- RIP Fanie Dry - You will be missed

    Go wild. :D
  6. AfricanTech

    MyBB Members Tags - Diablo 3

    Thread started for voluntary listing of your Tag. There are a couple of us who really enjoy playing together (as opposed to joining general public games) - since we kinda "know" each other, it makes for great ingame conversation and loot sharing. If you add your Battle Tag, I'll keep...
  7. AfricanTech

    Advisory - ICS 4.03 Acer Iconia

    If you've not yet updated to ICS 4.03 you may want to hold off. A number of users have reported some niggly issues (have a look over at XDA ( I've experienced the following: Stock OTA - A500 Issues encountered: 1...
  8. AfricanTech

    Starcraft II - Freezing / Hanging

    Anyone else having freezing / hanging problems in SCII? :( Happens most often when reloading a game, loading a saved game or when finishing a mission. Game freezes for 10-20 seconds, then drops to desktop and the Blizzard Error Reporting Tool pops up. Love the game - but the freezing...