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    Fire outside Franschhoek no longer a threat
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    Estonians rescue wild wolf from ice thinking it was a dog
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    Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel fashion designer, dies aged 85
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    Tiny South Africa beach restaurant Wolfgat wins top award Also:
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    Overberg sounding rocket fails to take off
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    Magliolo accused of fraud, running a ponzi scam

    Pretty sickening story:
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    Bruno Ganz, who played Hitler in Downfall, dies aged 77
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    Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering - GPS pioneers lauded Everyone know what GPS is, few people know the names of the inventors.
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    Boeing’s Iconic 747 Turns 50 - A History in Pictures

    Lengthy article and photos on the 50th anniversary of the Boeing 747:
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    Soweto Gospel Choir take home 2019 Grammy Award
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    Endurance - Search for Shackleton's lost ship begins [SA Agulhas]
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    New Tonga [volcanic] island now home to flowers and owls Edit: The new island is the crater in the center of the photo, not the forested area in the foreground.
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    Holy Cross primary in Cape Town on fire [District Six]
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    Pet dog dies in Sea Point apartment block blaze
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    When did the kangaroo hop - Scientists have the answer
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    Small asteroid disintegrates over Cuba in broad daylight
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    Fire at the base of Table Mountain Edit: Edit: Live webcam in Milnerton:
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    Polar vortex brings deadly cold snap to US states
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    Massive fire erupts on lower slopes of Lion's Head It has been spreading over the saddle towards Signal Hill for several hours. Strong SE wind today. Many posts on social media...
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    Brazil [mining] dam collapse - Little hope of finding missing alive Photo gallery: