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    Ready to cut the local Vumatel lines due to their bad service

    Earlier this week my Vumatel/Wondernet FTTH line went offline for 9 hours. During that time I was assigned a new IP. Now you would ask, what is the problem? In February 2019 when my FTTH was freshly in the ground & hanging from a telephone pole (Vumatel & Openserve), I phoned around and asked...
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    Vumatel & Wondernet - atrocious feedback

    Two days ago I had a Vumatel outage at around 11:30 AM. ( I also make use use of a static IP from Seacom-Wondernet). For 9 hours they weren't able to assign me a correct IP on my DHCP lease, I kept on getting something similar to an APIPA issue, i.e. a private IP that seems to only take me to...
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    Telkom FreeMe 2GB Contract but still paying for Telkom-to-Telkom Calls?

    Hi All I've got 3x Telkom FreeMe Contracts; 2 for my parents & 1 for me. I've noticed that my parents x 2 FreeME 1GB contracts doesn't get billed for Telkom-to-Telkom calls, however my FreeMe 2GB contract gets billed for all Telkom-to-Telkom calls. The reason why we got Telkom is so that we...
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    SeacomWC/Macrolan fired CTO?

    Can anyone confirm that he was forced to resign / fired?
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    Black Friday Issues

    In January 2017 I took out 2x Black Friday contracts that MTN ran (which was a followup of their November 2016 Black Friday Special). However this week I keep on getting SMSes that "your black friday deal will expire on the 14th November" - This is 3 months before the end of my 2-year contract...