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  1. adsl3g

    Does backgrounder (cydia) work on jailbroken iPad (iOS 4.2.1) ??

    Anyone got this loaded on a jailbroken iPad with 4.2.1? Does not want to load onto my iPad but don't know if this is due to SBSettings not loaded. Can't load it here at work cause I'm screwed with the tethered jailbreak.
  2. adsl3g

    Are 3G iPads from US network locked

    Well, are they? Can get one from someone who is there now.
  3. adsl3g

    Upgraded 3Gs to iOS 4.1 GM - No dev account

    Seems to work fine - no problems Just don't do it if you want to jailbreak.
  4. adsl3g

    iPhone here early September on VC & MTN

    Hopefully this is true: via twitter @ marcforrest
  5. adsl3g

    NEWS 24 - needs new OS?

    Did a sync on the iPhone 2night and it would not install News 24 - says it needs a newer version of the iPhone OS. I'm still on 3.1.2.
  6. adsl3g

    iVideoCamera in App Store - dont bother buying!

    Just a heads up guys - the iVideoCamera app in the App Store for $0.99 - don't waste your money if you want it for the iPhone 3G - it is terrible - can't follow the video its so jumpy!!! Stick with Cycorder from Cydia its 500% better and its free.
  7. adsl3g

    Apple sued over 'Mighty Mouse' Just as well they did not bring out a Notebook mouse called 'Minnie Mouse'
  8. adsl3g

    Mac forums very quiet (Bootcamp prob)

    Too quiet here - no-one has problems?? I have a little niggly thing that is more of a hassel than a problem. When I want to boot into windows with bootcamp (pressing the Option button at startup), I have to unplug my external DVD writer or else the iMac freezes and has to be restarted. I...
  9. adsl3g

    Mac OS X 10.5.2 update - Imminent.

    Macscoop [quote] Apple will probably release the second revision update of Mac OS X Leopard very soon, latest developer seeds indicate. Since our report published last week which related the 9C16 seed of the Mac OS X 10.5.2 update which listed almost a hundred of fixes, two other builds...